Winegard Air 360 Problems: A Comprehensive Guide

winegard air 360 problems

From frequent network resets to weak signals, no power to difficulty scanning channels, you’ll encounter a variety of Winegard Air 360 problems. Such can be a frustrating situation, but the fixes are frequently easy.

Keep on reading and let’s discuss the issues that owners of Winegard Air 360 commonly confront. We’ll also give you a rundown of the solutions worth a shot.

The Network Keeps on Resetting Hold the reset button for three minutes

Update the firmware

Weak Signal Check the splitter and your location
No Power Install the unit and power supply properly
Channels are Hard to Find Re-scan, fix the location

Common Problems of Winegard Air 360 and the Solutions

While the device is reliable overall, you will inevitably experience various problems, some of which will result in the Winegard antenna not working. Below is a rundown of the most common issues you will be confronted with.

1. The Network Keeps on Resetting


As shared by one user, unplugging and plugging the camper can cause the network to cut off. Once you disconnect from the network, you cannot automatically reconnect once the power supply is back. Not only that, it also erases the previous network.

It can be a headache to manually connect to the network frequently. One of the recommended solutions is to hold the reset button for three minutes. This is longer than the 30-second hold that the manufacturer earlier recommended.

Another simple solution is to update the firmware. New features are introduced in every update, so make sure that you take advantage of them.

2. Weak Signal

Despite having the RV antenna booster turned on and ensuring all the connections are secure, the Winegard Air 360 may pull weakly, have no signal, or even pixelate and freeze.

One solution worth trying to boost the cell signal is to check the splitter. You might need to secure the connection or replace the splitter when it’s damaged.

Aside from the splitter, your location could also be the problem. For instance, you may be too remote to receive any signal. Not to mention, obstructions can be present, such as trees, mountains, and buildings.

You might also want to consider changing the booster, as it can be an issue. The right Winegard amplifier can improve your signal.

3. No Power


It’s also possible that your antenna will not have any power. This means that you cannot use its functions.

One of the first things to do is make sure that you activate Winegard Air 360 so it will work as it should. Check the user manual and look at how you can properly install the unit and the power supply. Follow the steps to a tee to make the unit work.

Also, check the 12-volt power supply and see that it is correctly connected to the antenna. Otherwise, electricity won’t flow, which is causing the unit not to turn on. Look for a wiring diagram to be sure that all connections are in their proper places.

4. Channels are Hard to Find

There are also times when it can be difficult to find the right channels. You might be scanning repeatedly, but still, no channel is available.

An easy solution for troubleshooting this problem is to re-scan.

  • Using the remote, press Menu and choose Settings
  • Click Channel Set-up
  • Do not choose Cable. Instead, pick Air or TV
  • Click Channel Scan or Channel Search

One more thing that can help is changing the location of the antenna. It should be 2 feet or more away from the front part of your RV. Meanwhile, there should be at least a 1.5-foot distance from the side of the roof to whatever physical obstruction is present.


It’s common to experience Winegard Air 360 problems, but that does not mean the quality is inferior. With a few simple Winegard Air 360 hacks, you can solve the issues yourself. No need to pay a professional to handle the job when it can be a quick DIY task.

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