Alpha Wolf RV Problems That Are Making Me Want to Scream

Alpha Wolf RV Problems

Some prospective buyers might find Alpha Wolf RV problems dealbreakers, preventing them from writing a check for the travel trailer. While some issues deserve consideration, most aren’t exclusive to the brand. After all, Alpha Wolf belongs to an industry leader.

After exhaustive research, we identified several issues worth checking when buying a second-hand unit. We summarized these concerns in the following table.

Alpha Wolf Problems Recommended Solutions
Build quality issues Replace poor quality components and materials with more durable options.
Leaky slide-out Apply sealant.
Electrical issues Test all electrical components and replace or repair broken ones.
Stuck window blinds Replace window shade strings with better-quality options.
Leaky refrigerator drain tube Replace refrigerator drain tube every 2-3 years.

Alpha Wolf RV Issues & Solutions

The RV community loves Forest River products. And since Alpha Wolf is under this recognizable brand, many assume it doesn’t have its share of problems.

Unfortunately, its 3.3/5 RV Insider rating provides an overview of this travel trailer’s quality. It doesn’t look appealing. Consider the following issues.

1. Build quality issues

We analyzed several customer reviews and identified a common complaint – poor build quality. An owner of a 2019 Alpha Wolf 26RL-L lamented the side moldings ripping from the wall. The family also noticed the RV’s underside cover sagging and in danger of falling from its mounting.

The owner of a 2021 Alpha Wolf 23RDL also complained of an ill-fitting entry door jamb. They couldn’t shut the door securely, increasing the RV family’s safety risk.

We must point out that these Alpha Wolf RVs are second-hand units. Previous owners may not have observed correct usage and maintenance. Still, this concern can be a dealbreaker for potential owners.


  • Replace moldings or trims and underbelly covers with more durable versions. Ensure a more secure attachment of these furnishings to the Alpha Wolf.
  • Replace ill-fitting doors and similar fixtures with customized options, considering the opening’s dimensions. Reinstall door screws and secure the jamb in the right position.
  • Return the Alpha Wolf to the dealer for repairs.

2. Leaky slide-out


These RV components aren’t indestructible. Neither are they immune to mechanical and physical issues. For example, leaks can ruin the experience of sheltering from the rain.

Sadly, we found an owner of a 2020 Alpha Wolf 26RL-L with this issue. The RV family complained of water leaking into the bar cabinet from the kitchen slide-out. Surprisingly, the problem persisted whether the slide-out was retracted or extended.


  • Inspect the slide-out seals for breaks, cracks, and other signs of damage. You can apply sealant on these sections to prevent water from entering.
  • Consult a technician if you cannot isolate the leaky source. The service center can run several tests to determine what’s causing the slide-out leak.

3. Problems with the electrical system


Some Alpha Wolf RV owners noticed several electrical issues with the travel trailer. For example, Stephanie from Arkansas wrote on RV Insider that the Alpha Wolf’s circuit breaker trips daily. Moreover, the electrical system featured a lower-than-30-amp capacity.

Another user complained of blown-out USB ports due to faulty wiring. The 12-volt refrigerator also doesn’t function consistently.


  • Test all Alpha Wolf electrical components with a multimeter. Note defective or improperly functioning devices and fixtures. Replace these with newer and heavier-duty options.
  • Install a 30-amp electrical system or hire an RV electrician to set it up.
  • Examine all sockets and wiring and compare them with the RV’s wiring diagram. Follow the recommended electrical ratings for each fixture.
  • Replace broken or frayed cables.
  • Consult an Alpha Wolf RV electrician.
  • Check the battery and associated components (i.e., terminals, clips, and cables). Clean the battery posts and test the battery for charging performance. Replace if needed.

4. Stuck window shades


Window blinds that don’t roll up or down when you need them can be a headache. Sadly, Alpha Wolf’s design makes window shade operation frustrating. The culprit is the strings rolling on the pulley system.

Window shade strings can snag window grooves and other objects. Sometimes, fibers fray, causing the strings to break.


  • Check the window shade strings for signs of fraying or ripping. Temporarily replace the strings with sturdy wires or cables. Alternatively, you can wrap adhesive tape around the damaged string portion.
  • Inspect the surfaces and objects along the shade string’s path. Smoothen rough edges and straighten splinters to prevent string snagging.
  • Adjust the window shade string retainers’ tension to keep the strings from loosening.

5. Leaky refrigerator drain tube

Check the RV refrigerator drain tube and change it every 24 to 36 months

Surprisingly, Alpha Wolf refrigerators are leak magnets. These appliances drip brownish fluids from the front section’s bottom edge. Some say the leak comes from the appliance’s drain tube.

Refrigerator leaks can dampen the RV floor, making it more hospitable for mold and mildew. RVers with compromised immune systems are at high risk for respiratory problems if you allow these organisms to multiply.


  • Check the RV refrigerator drain tube and when it was last replaced. This component requires changing every 24 to 36 months. Please note that replacement frequency increases with environmental temperature.

Hence, RVing in hot locations requires more frequent refrigerator drain tube replacement.

  • Clean the area surrounding the RV refrigerator using an anti-mold and mildew agent to stop microorganisms from causing more harm.
  • Inspect the RV’s ventilation system for proper function.
  • Bring the Alpha Wolf to the dealer for a more professional refrigerator leak fix.


Many RVers aren’t scared of Alpha Wolf RV problems because they know the travel trailer has the backing of an industry leader. Moreover, most issues are more aesthetic than functional, not to mention they’re not brand-exclusive.

We recommend taking an RV mechanic or technician when shopping for a secondhand Alpha Wolf. They will help assess the vehicle, zeroing in on problematic areas. You can decide whether such a unit deserves your money or you’re better off with another.

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