Forest River Heritage Glen Problems & How to Fix

forest river heritage glen problems

Forest River Heritage Glen problems aren’t exclusive to the RV brand and model. However, prospective owners have the right to know these potential issues to help them decide. Here’s a glimpse of current owners’ concerns.

Heritage Glen Problems Recommended Solutions
Slide-out issues Replace damaged electrical components, clean guide rails, consult technician
Leaks Seal leaky connections and surfaces
Battery not holding charge Replace battery, use correct charger, and observe proper charging method
Problems with the AC Tighten fasteners, clean the AC, check AC electricals
Poor craftsmanship and quality control Replace questionable components with high-quality alternatives

Common Heritage Glen RV Issues

Although the Forest River Heritage Glen travel trailer offers exceptional livability and floor plans, its overall quality is so-so at best. That is if we believe the user reviews on RV Insider. Our research shows this travel trailer suffers from some faults. Take a look.

1. Slide-out Issues

Wiring issue of slide-out

Slide-out problems occur for many reasons, including a broken or faulty wire, rail obstruction, and motor issues. Other users might complain of the slide-out’s alignment. These concerns are perfect for a DIY approach with the correct tools.


  • Inspect the slide-out’s electrical components, including wires or cables, connections, and electric motor. Check for frayed or damaged parts, loose connections, or a non-functioning motor.
  • Ensure the Heritage Glen is on level terrain to facilitate smoother slide-out operation.
  • Assess the rails for obstructions and remove them as needed. Clean the grooves and ensure no fixture or furnishing blocks the slide-out’s inward movement.
  • Remove the slide from the RV to add guides or cables. Adjust them for proper alignment.
  • Consider driving the Heritage Glen to a service center for a technician to assess and fix the slide-out issue if you’re uncomfortable doing it.

2. Leaks

Source: The water line was leaking at its connection point (Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 2019)

Water damage can be a nightmare for any RV owner, but more so for Heritage Glen users. Leaks can come from busted plumbing, water ingress during heavy rains, loose pipe connections, and freshwater tank overflow.


  • Inspect all Heritage Glen plumbing, fixtures, surfaces, and components with direct or indirect contact with water (i.e., roof, windows, slide-outs, seals, water heaters, and faucets).
  • Look for signs of dampness on walls and other surfaces to isolate the problematic area.
  • Seal the hole or replace the leaky fixture with a heavier-duty version before applying a waterproofing agent.

3. Battery Not Holding Charge

Source: Replace 12V batteries (80Ah) with two 6V ones. Wire them in series is the simplest way (2021 Salem Heritage Glen 290RL)

We found an intriguing concern about the Heritage Glen 26-RL on the Good Sam forum. Campin_Family_o  complained of the battery not holding its charge even after fully charging.

Although the issue can be due to aging  or incorrect charging voltage or method, the most common culprit is using the battery beyond its rated capacity.


  • Replace the RV battery with a higher rating, preferably with a higher amperage to accommodate the Heritage Glen’s electrical requirements.
  • Use the correct RV battery charger and observe the proper charging method.

4. Problems With the Air Conditioning System

No RV is perfect, even for the industry’s leading brand. Unfortunately, the Heritage Glen’s air conditioning system suffers from several issues, including looseness, unwanted noise, and leaks.

Driving across a steamy desert landscape can be unforgiving with a defective Heritage Glen AC.


  • Assess screws, bolts, and other fasteners securing the air conditioning unit. These pieces of hardware can loosen over time due to bumps and vibrations. Tighten the fasteners or replace them with new ones.
  • Inspect the AC filter and other interior components for blockage; they may cause condensation to drip outside. Replace the filter if needed or clean it periodically.
  • Check the AC’s power supply for signs of short-circuit and other electrical problems. Consult the AC manual for troubleshooting and repair. Otherwise, drive the Heritage Glen to a licensed service center for a more definitive fix.

5. Craftsmanship Issues


Surprisingly, some Heritage Glen owners rate the travel trailer’s craftsmanship poorly, with some pointing out how “horrible ” it is. Although such an assessment is subjective, we cannot discount the possibility of shoddy manufacturing and finishing.

For example, some owners complain of a broken toilet seal right a day after buying the RV. Some slide-outs have holes, while cabinets have insufficient fasteners. Leveling bolts are also unsecured.


  • Return the Heritage Glen to the dealer and ask them to repair the issues if the RV is still under warranty.
  • Consider addressing the issues yourself (i.e., replacing poor-quality components and tightening fasteners).


The Forest River Heritage Glen problems we unearthed might scare some people off buying even a second-hand unit of this travel trailer. However, we must reiterate that Forest River remains a well-loved brand. Moreover, the issues sometimes relate to RV dealers with a shady reputation.

Hence, we recommend researching and dealing only with trustworthy Heritage Glen dealers.

Although some problems might be manufacturer-related, the store could address these issues before selling RVs to you. That will make your Forest River Heritage Glen purchase more worthwhile and your adventures more meaningful.

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