5 Must-Know Problems With Vanleigh Beacon, The Messages from Owners

Problems with Vanleigh Beacon

Although their floor plan and driving characteristics are impeccable, problems with Vanleigh Beacon 5th wheels can scare potential buyers. The good news is most issues aren’t exclusive to this RV. Hence, you can still enjoy a pleasant RVing experience and exceptional value if you do your homework.

Here’s a glimpse of the most common issues with the Vanleigh Beacon.

Vanleigh Beacon Problems Recommended Solutions
Air conditioning issues Install additional insulation, observe correct AC operation, and let an RV technician fix the problem.
Loose spinner connection Check all connections before and after use.
Leaky roof Isolate the problem and apply water sealant .
Electrical problems Assess all electrical components or have a professional fix the issues.
Automatic leveling issues Inspect all hydraulic components, calibrate the leveler, and bring the RV for professional repair.

Common Issues with Vanleigh Beacon

Here are some Vanleigh Beacon problems potential buyers should know and their recommended solutions.

1. Air conditioning issues


You need an efficient air conditioning system to optimize Vanleigh Beacon’s exceptional floor plan. Unfortunately, some owners complain of a poorly performing AC in their vehicles. Either it cannot cool living spaces or it creates excessive condensation.

Feedback from Cynthia Kamp on RV Insider: “…The air conditioning does not come close to keeping up. I suspect that this is probably due to poor insulation. Coming from a four season 5th wheel, this is a huge disappointment. Also, the condensation dripping from the ceiling vents keeps my rugs wet. And being that there is air conditioning in the closet, my clothing is wet, too…”


  • Consider installing additional insulation to improve the AC’s cooling performance. Although Vanleigh Beacons have noteworthy interiors, wall insulation could need a facelift.
  • Check the rubber gasket of the AC and ensure it seals tightly.
  • Bring the Beacon to the dealer or a licensed repair shop for a more thorough assessment and diagnosis.
  • Observe the AC’s correct operating guidelines, including maintenance requirements.

2. Loose spinner connection


Although uncommon, the spin dryer’s connections can loosen over time. A 2021 Vanleigh Beacon owner learned about this issue after traveling hundreds of miles. The problem could be due to vibrations, causing the connections to loosen.


  • Check all washer-dryer connections before and after use to avoid leaks and flooding the RV.
  • Tighten loose connections.
  • Plan your travel to minimize road vibrations.
  • Bring the Beacon to an RV plumber to apply a more permanent solution.

3. Roof leaks

Several Vanleigh Beacon 2020 model owners experienced water leaking from the RV roof. Such issues can be frustrating. Water can dampen RV interior surfaces and allow mold and mildew to grow and multiply.

Jack M commented on RV Insider: “Worst rv we have ever owned, nothing but problems, so many it would take 6 pages to list. Right now the whole roof needs to be replaced, Costing around 15k. Of course its out of warranty and the extended warranty we purchased for 5k doesn’t cover roof leaks!”

Although these organisms are harmless to healthy RVers, they can be life-threatening to people with allergies.


  • Inspect the roof for signs of water damage (i.e., spots or stains) and apply marine-grade water sealant.
  • Replace the RV roof if the damage is severe. Unfortunately, this solution can cost thousands of dollars if the Vanleigh Beacon is no longer under warranty.

4. Electrical issues


Like Vanleigh Vilano problems, electrical concerns can plague Vanleigh Beacon units. These can include circuit breaker tripping, appliance malfunction, and power fluctuations.

These issues can make RVing less pleasant. They can be safety hazards, too.


  • Inspect and test the Beacon’s power supply, ensuring it delivers sufficient electricity to power all RV devices, systems, and appliances.
  • Check the fuses, circuit breakers, and other components for integrity and function. Repair or replace them as necessary.
  • Ensure adequate battery charge level and secure/clean connections.
  • Test all appliances for proper function and refer to individual manuals for troubleshooting.
  • Bring the Beacon to the dealer for professional assessment and repair.

5. Automatic leveling problems


Fifth wheels like the Vanleigh Beacon require a fully operational automatic leveling system to improve stability and safety. Unfortunately, hydraulic failures, power issues, and other problems can impact the leveler’s performance.


  • Read the Vanleigh Beacon owner’s manual for guidelines on calibrating the automatic leveler.
  • Check the leveler’s hydraulic fluid levels and see if it requires topping up. Use only the manufacturer’s recommended fluid.
  • Assess all hydraulic connections and hoses for breaks, deterioration, and other signs of damage. Test the jacks by pressing their buttons on the touch panel.
  • Always park the Vanleigh Beacon on firm and level ground before activating the leveler.
  • Consult a licensed technician if the issue persists.


Despite these problems with Vanleigh Beacon RVs, prospective buyers can bring home a dependable 5th wheel by purchasing these vehicles.

They only need to thoroughly inspect each potential RV before doing the paperwork. Alternatively, potential owners can buy from reputable dealerships, preferably with excellent customer service and impeccable consumer reviews.

The Vanleigh Beacon offers exceptional drivability and an industry-leading floor plan. Although problems exist, they are less common than other brands. This RV could be your dream.

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