I Own a NOCO GB70 and Here Are the Things That Bother Me About It

Noco GB70 problems

I bought a NOCO Gb70 from an online store a year ago. And below is my experience with this jump starter.

As I see, the most common NOCO GB70 problems include charging issues, clicking noise, expanding battery, and the unit not working. These can be due to incorrect usage, improper storage, and wrong or damaged accessories, among other things.

While the NOCO GB70 is a reliable jump starter for battery, it undeniably experiences problems. Before buying, these issues are worth noting so that you know what to expect. Read on as I discuss such predicaments, and more importantly, potential solutions.

Charging Problem Plug the unit properly, clean terminals, change the fuse, and check the USB cable position.
Clicking Sound Change the battery connected or the charger; clean the terminals.
Battery Expansion Proper storage with the right temperature
Other Problems Check the terminal connections and conditions; recharge the battery or wait for it to cool down.

NOCO GB70 Issues and Solutions


NOCO GB70 has been a lifesaver for me, but it has also given me a headache. The latter is especially the case when it experiences problems, including those we’ll talk about below.

1. Charging Problem

After a few months of use, the charging issue was the first problem I encountered. I have tried many ways and the LED light still does not light up, charging also does not work. After searching for a while, I realized that many people had the same problem as me and I finally found a solution. Below are a few ways I have compiled.

  1. The first thing to do is to plug the unit properly. To be sure the power source is working, try plugging in another appliance or device and run it. Also, check the battery terminals or connectors, making sure they are not damaged or corroded.
  2. Another potential problem is the fuse. It can blow over time, so check the fuse location. It may need a replacement, so the unit will charge as it should.
  3. The USB cable position is another thing to examine. It should be in the USB IN socket. The USB Out socket is meant to charge devices connected to the jump starter but not for the jump starter itself.

2. Clicking Noise

After fixing the charging problem, it worked quite well until about 2 months ago, when I was returning home with my wife after a short camping trip, my Winnebago Solis 59PX was completely dead on ignition key turn. I tried using the NOCO GB70 to restart the Van but all I got was a clicking sound. Luckily, I was assisted by a nearby friend and returned home safely.

I then dissected my NOCO GB70 but realized everything was fine, except its battery was probably damaged.

One of the main culprits is damage to the battery that connects to the jump starter. In this case, you will need a replacement battery.

Meanwhile, it can also be indicative of the poor condition of the battery terminals, such as corrosion. If they’re in good condition, you might need to change the charger.

3. Expanding Battery

Additionally, after reading more reviews about this product, I realized they had a few other battery problems, such as one user shared, the battery expanded and the plastic parts shattered. When this happens, the unit is already broken and you can no longer use it.

The best thing to do is to be mindful of the right storage conditions. For instance, according to the manual, the storage temperature should be -20 to 50℃ with 0 to 25 degrees being the average.

Meanwhile, on one forum, one user offered an interesting insight. Because jump starters have a limited lifespan, you can expect battery problems after a while. This also explains why the warranty is only a year.

4. Other Problems

Furthermore, a problem I see many people encounter is that after the 1-year warranty expires, this jump starter starts to have many problems. The unit just stopped working. Even after doing a reset, the jump starter still doesn’t work.

A potential reason is that there is reverse polarity, which means that the cables are in the wrong position. If the error light is red, rearrange the terminals.

Meanwhile, jump starter problems can also be because the USB port is faulty or dirty, so a quick cleaning or replacement can fix the issue.

You might also have a battery that is too hot. In this case, wait for it to cool down.

Wrapping Up

Like other jump starters, it is normal for NOCO GB70 problems to pop up from time to time, such as a battery that won’t charge, a clicking sound, and expansion of the battery.

Easy troubleshooting solutions can offer an easy fix, as well as proper storage of the unit.

Above is my entire experience over the past 1 year with the NOCO GB70. Hope you like it, if you are interested in any other products, please send me a message or you can visit my shop to buy the necessary items for your RV.

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