Our Customers Share Their Experiences with Dynamax Isata 3 Problems

dynamax isata 3 problems

Although it has an excellent floor plan and commendable driving characteristics, Dynamax Isata 3 problems exist. Unfortunately, these issues can influence your buying decision and make you regret laying your eyes on this RVing beauty.

Here are four common problems my clients encounter and their troubleshooting recommendations.

Dynamax Isata 3 Problems Recommended Solutions
Electrical and battery issues Test all electrical components, including the battery. Clean battery terminals and associated cables. Replace damaged or shorted components.
Excessive fumes from furnace Open RV doors and windows before turning on furnace; leave it on for 30 minutes
Issues with automatic levelers Bring RV to service center
Roof leaks Isolate the problem and apply waterproof sealant

1. Electrical and Battery Issues

No RV is immune to electrical concerns, including the Dynamax Isata 3. For example, accent lights, electrical outlets, and air conditioners might not have power, leaving you hapless at the campgrounds.

Batteries can lose their charge over time, while wires can get damaged. Switches can also malfunction.

Interestingly, I’ve seen people complain about the battery compartment cover screws being punctured. Although this observation might not impact the RV’s electrical requirements, it remains a safety issue.



  • Check the battery’s voltage level with a multitester. Ensure it draws electricity when charging and holds its charge. It should be 13.6 to 14.4 volts.
  • Examine the battery cables and connections for corrosion, dirt, and other contaminants.
  • Test the ground wire with a multimeter and identify possible shorts.
  • Bring the battery to a service center for load testing.
  • Assess all electrical fixtures, including switches and outlets. Replace them as needed.
  • Consider buying electrical adapters and switches with integrated fuses.
  • Check the battery compartment for screws penetrating through the lid and protruding into the battery space. Replace the fasteners with pop rivets and add a wood block to the battery’s side to prevent it from tipping.

2. Excessive Fumes From the Furnace

The built-in space heater is one of the Isata 3’s best-selling points. Unfortunately, we found several complaints related to the fumes the furnace generates.

Interestingly, the RV’s parent company, Forest River, recalled 172 Coachmen Freelander, Coachmen Sportscoach, Coachmen Pursuit, and 2021 Dynamax Isata 3 & 5 units in July 2022. The recalls stemmed from improperly connected propane tank service valves.

Although excessive fumes don’t necessarily relate to defective propane service valves, owners must remain cautious.


  • Check your Isata if it’s part of the recall, and bring it to your dealer.
  • Improve your RV’s ventilation before turning on the furnace to facilitate more effective fume dissipation. You could open the windows, doors, and other ports. Keep the furnace running in this setup for at least half an hour to eliminate the fumes.

3. Issues With the Levelers


Built-in jacks or levelers are crucial to a comfortable and safe RVing experience. These components allow you to maintain a parallel orientation to the ground, ensuring a safer surface for RVers to walk on and work in the RV.

Unfortunately, a model 2019 owner complained of collapsed automatic levelers. This incident is often a sign of improper installation and poor quality control.


  • Bring the Dynamax Isata 3 to a dealer for leveler replacement if the RV is still under warranty.
  • Hire a professional to reinstall or replace the leveler if it’s out of warranty.

4. Roof Leaks

Source: forestriverforums

One of our customers complained that their Isata 3 had a roof leak after a period of use.

Leaks occur due to various reasons. If they come from the roof, there’s a good chance that exposure to extreme weather conditions is the culprit.

Driving under trees with low-hanging twigs and branches can also damage the roof. It produces cracks and other gaps for water to seep through.

Fixing a leaky roof is necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable RVing experience. Moreover, addressing this problem will help you avoid exposing family members to mold growth.


  • Determine damaged or punctured roof sections. Assess roof joints for peeling and other signs of loss of integrity.
  • Apply waterproof sealant over the leaky roof section.


Dynamax Isata 3 problems are minor. Prospective buyers won’t worry about engine or transmission failures, which are costlier to fix than patching a hole in the roof. It’s worth pointing out that these issues aren’t exclusive to the Isata 3. Almost all motorhomes have these concerns.

Hence, we must reiterate the importance of user vigilance because some RVing habits might produce some of these problems. And if you see an issue, you might ring your dealer immediately.

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