Forest River Wolfpack Toy Hauler Problems

forest river wolfpack toy hauler problems

Even though the brand is an industry leader, Forest River Wolfpack Toy Hauler problems exist. Knowing these issues should give you a heads-up on what to expect and how to fix them. Here’s a glimpse of common Wolfpack owners’ concerns.

Wolfpack Toy Hauler Problems Recommended Solutions
Leaks from the slide-out Re-caulk or replace the seal.
Battery problems Replace the battery.
Issues with the furnace Bring RV to the dealer.
Cracked fiberglass Fix the crack or bring RV to the dealer.
Questionable quality Replace components with higher-quality options.

5 Common Problems with Forest River Wolfpack Toy Haulers

Let’s look at some of the most pressing concerns of FR Wolfpack toy hauler owners.

1. Leaks From the Slide-out


Slide-outs are excellent additions to any RV, extending the family’s livable space. Unfortunately, caulking and seals can deteriorate or become faulty because of improper application.

These elements protect the RV’s interior against water seepage when it rains. Hence, you will want to fix them before the issue worsens.


  • Check the Wolfpack’s warranty coverage and bring it to an authorized service center or dealer for them to fix the leaky problem.
  • Re-caulk or replace the slide-out seals if your Wolfpack is no longer under warranty.

2. Battery Problems


Batteries have definite lifespans.

But if your battery starts outgassing or boiling to extreme temperatures, it’s never a good sign, as it means a short has occurred. And that’s what one owner of the Forest River Wolfpack toy hauler had to experience.

Beyond the usual charging issues (i.e., undercharging or overcharging), it’s vital to install your battery where it won’t freeze or overheat due to external temperatures.


  • Replace the battery with a pair of heavy-duty 6-volt units.
  • Assess the battery’s charge level, ensuring it’s within 13.6 to 14.4 volts.
  • Turn off all appliances connected to the battery (i.e., AC) before unplugging and RV storage.

3. Issues With the Furnace

Some Wolfpack owners complain of the furnace dying out after a few months. Others might still get a fully functioning space heater only for several seconds. Moreover, a blown fuse and a faulty furnace element can cause the heater to “act up.”

A non-functioning furnace isn’t a problem if you’re RVing in Florida or other warm areas. But if you’re heading north, this issue can make camping and RVing unpleasant.


  • Contact your Wolfpack dealer and have a licensed technician assess, diagnose, and fix whatever’s causing the furnace to fail.
  • A reset may work if you’re lucky.

4. Cracked Fiberglass

Source: forestriverforums

All fiberglass surfaces are susceptible to cracks or structural issues. The Forest River Wolf Pack toy hauler is no different, as OffroadCamper from the Forest River Forum found out.

The problem can be due to an aging RV and constant exposure to UV and extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, vibrations and impact forces can worsen the crack and lead to more serious problems. In some instances, the crack could be a manufacturing defect.


  • Check your toy hauler’s warranty coverage. Forest River can fix the problem if it’s a factory defect.
  • Bring the toy hauler to a certified RV body shop if it’s no longer covered by warranty.
  • Assess the crack’s extent or severity. If the issue is not extensive or is only superficial, you can apply a fiberglass patch mat to the crack, leave it to cure, and cover with paint & a clear coat.

5. Questionable Quality Control

Despite Forest River being an RV industry leader, quality control issues can happen. Unfortunately, several Wolfpack reviews reveal manufacturing and finishing lapses.

For example, the linoleum flooring rips off the surface because it doesn’t have an adhesive like glue. Some users also lament the excessive tongue weight, making the toy hauler horrible to tow.

Wall panels swell and delaminate even without signs of water leaks.

Other quality-related concerns include misaligned door frame trims, refrigerator doors that don’t close shut, broken screws, and more.


  • Consider contacting Forest River or the dealer if the toy hauler is still under warranty.
  • If the RV no longer has warranty coverage, you can fix the issues individually or have a professional repair them. Unfortunately, this can cost hundreds of dollars.


Quality control issues comprise the bulk of Forest River Wolfpack toy hauler problems. Although the RV has a superb floor plan, low-quality materials and shoddy craftsmanship can take the joys out of traveling.

Thankfully, this RV doesn’t have serious mechanical or electrical concerns undermining its value.

Still, we recommend prospective owners to watch out for these common issues if they’re on the market for a second-hand unit. And if you don’t mind buying brand new, see if other brands have fewer problems.

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