Don’t Buy a Tiffin Allegro RED 33AA Before You Read This: My Ongoing Battle with Problems

tiffin allegro red 33aa problems

I was always looking for a family RV to take for vacation on the open road, so I was excited to get the Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA.

This diesel motorhome seemed like a luxury model, but it wasn’t long before problems started showing up.

Lucky for you, I have compiled all the Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA problems that I encountered along with solutions to help you achieve a better RV experience.

Problems With Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA Solutions
Leveling Jacks Malfunction Replace the solenoid.
Sewer Tank Odor Replace the admittance air valve.
Slide-Room Malfunction Replace with Vroom slide-out mechanism.
Bad Sway Problem Reduce pressure on front tires.
Unstable Washer and Dryer Install braces.
Bad Furnishing Replace upholstery, cabinets, and other low-quality parts.

Common Issues With Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA

1. Leveling Jacks Malfunction


The first issue I noticed was with the leveling jacks. I would push the auto-level button, but the jacks wouldn’t fully extend. I’d have to manually crank them to get the RV completely level.

As a wise customer, I brought my Red 33AA to the dealer, and they said it was a hydraulic issue. They needed to replace the solenoid because it was leaking. The problem was thankfully solved afterwards.

2. Sewer Tank Odor


The next problem was the air admittance valve. I started noticing a terrible odor coming from the bathroom and traced it back to the air admittance valve under the sink. When the valve fails, it can let the sewer gas out inside the bathroom.

I read on a forum that you can replace the air admittance valve easily. I got mine at Lowes, and my Allegro Red was back to smelling fresh again.

3. Slide-Room Malfunction


Tiffin Allegro motorhomes have their fair share of product recalls due to slide-room issues, so I was afraid that my 2020 Allegro Red 33AA would have the same problem.

After using the Schwintek slide in my bedroom 15 times, it has locked up for good. I discovered some aluminum shavings on the floor, making me believe that the problem was mechanical.

As it turns out, the gear block has malfunctioned due to the slide’s problematic construction, causing the gear to poorly engage on the tracks. Since this was difficult to fix, my dealer recommended replacing the slide with a sturdier Vroom system.

4. Bad Sway Problem


I thought my RV problems were over, but of course, they weren’t. On my next trip, I had a hard time keeping the RV stable on the terrain, especially in windy weather. I had a new steer stabilizer installed, but it didn’t solve the swaying problem —until I checked the tire pressure.

It turns out that my front tires are overinflated. From 110 PSI, I reduced the pressure to 100 PSI. I also adjusted the rear sway bar to align the RV properly. Now, my 33AA drives smoothly.

5. Unstable Washer and Dryer


I have witnessed cases in which the manufacturer forgot to install braces for the washer and dryer. As you can imagine, this causes laundry appliances to become unstable.

Remember to check your RV carefully and ensure all parts are set up correctly. New braces can cost over $1,000 without a warranty.

6. Poor Furnishing Quality

The Allegro often comes with shabby upholstery that cracks and wears early despite being new.

I also found the stove paint on my RV peeling shortly after purchase and low-quality wood on the driver cabinet.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing I could do but replace these components.


Don’t let Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA problems discourage you from purchasing this RV model. This motorhome has an elegant interior and impressive features to provide convenience to your whole family.

Know the solutions above and visit your dealer if your RV is under warranty to enjoy free repair and parts replacement.

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