Sabre 36BHQ Problems & Solutions

sabre 36bhq problems

Prospective buyers will want to know the common Sabre 36BHQ problems before buying to understand whether this RV is worth their money.

Although these issues aren’t exclusive to Sabre, they can still be deal-breakers for some people. Here’s a glimpse of problems past and current owners have experienced with the RV and how you can solve them.

Sabre 36BHQ Problems Recommended Solutions
Electrical issues Replace broken or defective electrical components; bring the RV to an electrician.
Leaks Apply sealant; tighten hardware; replace broken water fixtures.
Propane tank compartment too small Find an alternative storage space for an extra propane tank.
Inadequate mid-bunk room ventilation Reinsulate the walls; add a space heater or AC; install exhaust fans or air vents.
Poor-quality/incorrect materials Assess and replace defective and poor-quality items.

Common Problems with Sabre 36BHQ

Owners of the Sabre 36BHQ will want to note the following issues with the RV.

1. Electrical Issues


Electrical issues are common, such as loose connections and broken wires. However, if fuses blow out immediately after turning on an electrical component, it could be a more serious sign of trouble.

An owner of a 2019 Sabre 36BHQ found this out the hard way. The 15A bunk slide-out fuse blows when activating the slide-out. Surprisingly, the 12V lights no longer work, but the slide-out does.

Another Sabre 36BHQ owner (2021 model) noticed solar panel cables installed incorrectly. Meanwhile, a 2022 model owner complained of non-functioning USB ports and electrical outlets.


  • Check your Sabre’s wiring diagram or request a Forest River dealer for one.
  • Assess all electrical components (i.e., fuses, wires, lighting fixtures, and other electric devices connected to the RV) for loose connections, fraying, and other signs of damage.
  • Replace broken electrical components or reinstall them.
  • Try individual fixtures to isolate the problematic component.
  • Consult an RV electrician to identify, diagnose, and fix the issue.

2. Leaks

Source: reddit/r/RVLiving

Water leaks can occur anywhere in any RV, including the Sabre 36BHQ. Although the issue can be due to different causes, a prevailing theme among Sabre vehicles is a questionable build quality.

For example, some user reviews point to large gaps in the exterior hatches that require silicone sealants. Others complain of water ingress through the slide-out’s bottom. Broken faucets and questionable bathroom sealing can flood the floor.


  • Assess all surfaces and fixtures to determine the leak’s precise location.
  • Apply sealant over cracked or leaky joints.
  • Tighten or replace the fasteners of water fixtures and other plumbing components.
  • Consult the RV dealer’s technician for more permanent fixes.

3. Cramped Propane Chamber


Although the Sabre 36BHQ is a good brand model from FR, some owners cannot help but wonder if the company is cutting costs.

For example, the RV’s propane compartment can only accommodate two 20-pound tanks. Other RV brands feature propane chambers for two 30-pounders or three 20-pound cylinders.


  • Buy an extra propane tank to ensure sufficient fuel for your needs. Find alternative storage spaces for the extra tank.
  • Secure the extra tank in a well-ventilated location and never smoke near it.

4. Poor Mid-room Ventilation


A nagging issue with the Sabre 36BHQ is inadequate ventilation in the middle section. We call it the “mid-bunk hell” because the area is often too hot or too cold.

This RV section doesn’t have air vents or exhaust fans to promote sufficient airflow. It can make boondocking and RVing uncomfortable.


  • Install exhaust fans or air vents in the Sabre’s midsection. Note that this solution requires modifying the RV’s wall structure to accommodate the ventilation systems.
  • Consider adding a space heater or air conditioner in the mid-bunk to improve user comfort. You might want to add electrical outlets or power sources if not readily available.
  • Assess the RV’s interior walls for insulation. You can add an extra insulating layer to improve heat management.

5. Poor-quality or Incorrect Materials


We found several owners of the Sabre 36BHQ complaining about poor-quality components and materials.

For example, an owner of a 2018 model mentioned the screws securing the RV’s stairs moldings have protruding heads. These fasteners hurt the feet when someone steps on them barefoot. The same owner also complained of seat leather feeling like cloth fabric, tears on the floor, and uncomfortable couches.

Another owner complains of a cracked TV & slide-out controller and a broken drawer & faucet. Although misuse can produce these issues, they wouldn’t be a problem if the materials had good quality (i.e., heavy-duty).


  • Check all Sabre 36BHQ materials, appliances, devices, fixtures, and components. Assess their quality and current state. Determine if these items are good enough for you.
  • Replace poor-quality objects with higher-quality alternatives (although this action will cost you).
  • Have the dealer honor the warranty coverage if necessary.


Most Sabre 36BHQ problems are quality-related. Either the manufacturer observed cost-cutting measures to make the RV more affordable, or its builders did a sloppy job designing and finishing the Sabre.

Nevertheless, we must point out that newer models have fewer issues. That’s a good sign from the RV brand. It shows the manufacturer listens to its customers and takes sufficient steps to address these concerns.

Sadly, they could’ve avoided the inconveniences by ensuring a high-quality RV from the get-go.

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