What is a Site Lock Fee? Why Do Campgrounds Charge Them?

what is a site lock feeParks and camping sites can get packed with RVs and campers who want to have a getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle.

But did you know that in order to lock a campground for yourself, there is a site lock fee? So what is a site lock fee?

A site lock fee is an extra cost that secures you a spot on your chosen camping site. It isn’t mandatory, but paying it guarantees your booked site to make your stay worry-free.

Site Lock Fee Definition


As mentioned earlier, the lock site fee gives you the luxury to reserve your selected camping site, so no other camper or RV will be able to occupy it upon your arrival.

This additional cost is a one-time payment, and as you settle this fee, the site you chose is locked in for your stay.

Due to the increasing number of campers, parks across the US have implemented site lock fees, particularly the Kampgrounds of America or KOA.

KOA was established in 1962 and now boasts 500 locations and counting camping grounds in the US and Canada.

In terms of business, this is an ideal revenue-generating approach to cover additional maintenance and site management to give campers a better experience.

How Does It Work?


Upon booking your selected site, usually in an online portal, ticking the site lock fee box will reflect its amount averaging $10 per day on each site.

And yes, it is not mandatory but an option if you want to secure your spot. It has its benefits which we will discuss later in the article.

If you have the KOA app, use the KOA Select My Site feature to help you book and reserve your camping site with a $25 fee.

This also helps you customize your bookings according to your preference and select available areas in the park map as you go through the reservation process.

Benefits of Paying Site Lock Fees

Is site lock worth it? Absolutely! And it has its benefits, with the very prominent one being that you get your guaranteed site, and the park management does not relocate you elsewhere.

Because of the site lock fee, campers can choose and guarantee the site they desire.

It also helps ensure that all guests are accommodated and that their needs are attended to, which adds to customer satisfaction.

Although there are issues that may arise for the park management, such as not being able to maximize the space due to specific sites locked in by the guests, they are compensated by the site lock fees.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Do Campground Rates Cost?

The basic rates for Camping fees in the US range from about $10 to $50 per night excluding hookups, depending on the location.

For instance, the Cherrystone Campground Rates start at $17 daily which is the same price for full hookups with 30 amps. The weekly rate is $102. For hookups with 50 amps, the rate is $22 daily. The weekly rate is $132.

Is the Lock 30 RV Park Still Operational?

The Lock 30 Woodlands RV Resort in Ohio has unfortunately closed. There are other RV parks you can check out in Ohio, such as the Ohio Valley RV Park, with a variety of hookups such as water, 30 and 50-amp electricity, and WIFI access, among others.

What Does the Sun Outdoors Cancellation Policy Say?

It states that guests who would stay less than 30 nights are not eligible for refunds upon arrival and after they have availed of the services.

  • Per night/per week

If you plan to cancel a reservation, it should be done at least 14 days prior to your booking date, and the amount paid will be reverted.

  • Per month

Canceling should be made at least 45 days prior to the booking date, and the amount paid shall be reverted.

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What Does the Lock Before a Website Mean?

When you see a padlock or lock before a website, it means that it is secured and that the data being shared on that website is safe and cannot be compromised by third party users.


Now that you have learned all about site lock fees, it is an important but not a mandatory extra cost to have a worry-free camping experience.

It gives you the ability to reserve and acquire your desired camping location for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy.

We hope that we were able to shed light and answer the question for today’s topic on what is a site lock fee.

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