RV Toilet Paper vs Septic Safe – Which Is the Best Option

rv toilet paper vs septic safe

Those who have just started arranging their RV cars will realize that there are so many elements to consider. From setting furniture to installing additional equipment, it is such a thrilling yet exhausting experience for every RV owner, especially newbies.

Still, believe it or not, the topic of selecting toilet paper is a very common topic among RV owners. Surprisingly, a lot of RVers struggle to find a suitable RV toilet paper alternative for their mobile homes. Purchasing the wrong camper toilet paper can cost the owner a fortune to repair the RV’s sewage system.

Hence, in this post, we will provide a detailed comparison between the two most popular toilet paper options that are safe for RV: RV toilet paper vs septic safe. Also, other information about RV toilet paper and regular septic-safe toilet paper for RV will be compiled under these categories:

Continue reading to learn more tips on choosing the right RV toilet paper. But first, let’s get to know about septic-safe and RV-safe toilet paper!

Is Septic Safe the Same as RV Safe?


In fact, regular septic-safe toilet paper and RV toilet paper both resemble each other in many ways, even though the biggest difference is their price. RV toilet paper is significantly pricey, costing more than twice as much as a standard septic-safe toilet roll.

For instance, most RV toilet paper may cost you around $1.25 per roll. Meanwhile, septic-safe toilet paper offers a price of roughly $0.50 per roll, depending on the manufacturer, which is a massive saving.

In terms of functions, septic-safe toilet paper and RV regular toilet paper have many features in common, but they can also be distinguished by some traits. Since RV toilet paper disintegrates or dissolves quickly, it is considered septic-safe, although the speed might be slower compared to septic-safe toilet paper.

As the papers become flaccid when they contact with water, they will not block the drainage system or remain at the bottom of the sewage pipe. On the other hand, the original septic-safe toilet paper is designed for RV owners who want to prevent the clogging of their septic tanks and drainage systems.

This type of tissue paper is also suggested for portable toilets, motor homes, and campgrounds since it will not get stuck in the water pipe. Septic-safe toilet paper is preferred since it dissolves faster than regular RV toilet paper. Therefore, if you wish to avoid dealing with a congested sewage tank, you should choose hygienic toilet tissue for your RV.

Septic Safe Vs RV Toilet Paper: Pros and Cons

In order to help RVers understand the differences between septic-safe toilet paper and RV toilet paper, although they are both ok for RV owners to use, we have compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages:

1. RV Toilet Paper


  • Advantages: Compared to regular toilet paper, RV toilet issues become flaccid way quicker. The papers are made of softer materials which stimulate the dissolving process and prevent clogging in the drainage tank but still retain flexibility.
  • Disadvantages: However, while most RV toilet tissues have septic-safe tags on their packaging, there are products considered unsuitable for a motorhome’s sewage tanks, especially those that are smaller or below average size. Hence, it’s important to pay attention to the toilet paper’s packing and only select those with septic-safe components. Another disadvantage of regular RV toilet paper lies in some of the substances used in its production. In order to keep the shape and the endurance of the tissue, the manufacturers have to include bleach and other hazardous chemicals, which might reduce the dissolving speed and cause trouble in your RV septic tank.

2. Septic-Safe Toilet Paper


  • Advantages: Lives up to its name; septic-safe toilet paper is recommended not only for RV sewage tanks but also for boat drainage systems. Septic-safe toilet paper disintegrates quickly and completely to avoid plumbing problems. Septic-safe toilet paper is soft, sturdy, and incredibly pleasant to use, in addition to being suitable for the septic system, as most products are created as one-ply or two-ply tissues. They also don’t have any harmful substances and are very environmentally friendly. This also explains why septic-safe toilet paper is much cheaper than usual RV toilet paper, which is another advantage we want to mention. Unlike the 3 to 4-layer RV toilet tissue, the specialized septic-safe paper will only consist of 2 layers maximum, yet it is strong enough to wipe out any kind of waste.
  • Disadvantages: Even when the septic-safe toilet paper does its best job of protecting your sewage system from clogging and gives you the freedom to flush down the dirty toilet paper, it’s still advisable to not continuously throw the tissue into the toilet. No matter how fast the septic-safe toilet paper can dissolve, it can always worsen your travel trailer’s drainage tank.

How to Perform the RV Toilet Paper Test?


Testing RV toilet paper is an intriguing concept as well as a fun exercise. It’s similar to Science 101. You may even involve your family in this experiment. In fact, you could really test Just about every toilet paper with the same method as shown in this clip:

Here are the procedures for a quick test for appropriate RV toilet paper, as seen in the clip above. This test is applicable to any toilet paper, single-ply or 2-ply, regardless of whether the package states “RV-safe.”

  • Step 1: Fill half of a glass jar with water.
  • Step 2: Insert two squares or sheets of RV toilet tissue inside the jar.
  • Step 3: Place the jar’s lid on and then secure it.
  • Step 4: Shake the jar vigorously for 5 to 10 seconds.

If the toilet tissue crumbles into little parts, it is RV safe. You can also perform the same experiment using standard household tissue from a box. When we attempted this test, no matter how hard we rattled the jar, the paper didn’t break apart, indicating that it’s not suitable for your RV toilet. Hence, don’t flush your face papers down the RV toilet!

Scott’s Septic Safe and Angel Soft toilet paper are assumed to be eco-friendly, while Seventh Generation 2-ply has passed the toilet tissue breakdown test. Still, if you don’t feel so confident with the toilet paper of your choice, you’re highly recommended to perform the breakdown test.

Meanwhile, if you choose to stick with RV-safe toilet paper, Camco RV, Thetford Quick Dissolve, and Scott’s Rapidly Dissolving (which promises to dissolve 4X quicker than other products) are popular for swiftly dissolving and going through the RV septic tank.


Even though thinking deeply about toilet paper may not sound appealing, it is a necessary task if you want to protect your money from potential clogs in your RV septic system. RV toilet paper vs septic safe toilet paper are both wise choices for RVers, but you still need to consider them carefully to determine the most suitable one for your RV.

We hope that this post was helpful! Did you enjoy the article? Do you want to add anything else? Please let us know and leave a comment below.

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