How to Lock a Trailer So It Can’t Be Stolen? – Here is the Answer!

how to lock a trailer so it can't be stolen

Camping is extremely popular, and the number of recreational vehicle registrations has never been higher than it is today. Yet, many trailers go undetected during the winter months. Approximately 60% of the stolen trailers were located on private land.

Thieves or groups of thieves will take advantage of every chance to commit a fast and effective theft. So, if you want to sleep well and wake up at your home on the hook at the courtyard entry, you certainly need to take security precautions. Dig into our detailed guide on How to lock a trailer so it can’t be stolen.

Best Way to Lock a Trailer

To prevent trailer theft, you can have use one or multiple methods below:

1. Use Hitch Locks


A hitch lock is among trailer anti-theft devices that ensure no intruder. Hitch locks excel at preventing trailer theft from hooking up your trailer and driving away. By concealing the hitch, it serves as a barrier against simple attachment.

The majority of these locks are brilliantly colored and conspicuous enough to discourage opportunists. Securing the hitch and receiver and the ease of unlocking with a key provides the owner with a feeling of security. They prevent the receiver from being lifted and eventually link to the other vehicle.

2. Coupler Locks in the Shape of a U


The trailer tongue cannot be connected to another vehicle thanks to U-shaped coupler locks. A ball-shaped cap to the coupler lock guarantees that your car’s ball unit cannot be attached to other cars.

These coupler locks are best used when the trailer is not attached to the towing vehicle.

3. Wheel Chock Lock for Trailer


This traditional chock lock ensures quick installation and security for unattended RVs and ATVs. It works like a pincer holding tightly onto the RV wheels, forcing them to stand in one place despite pushing. Therefore, it can keep a trailer from being stolen and driven away.

These products are often made from heavy-gauge-coated steel with strong arms. This lock can stand alone as utility trailer theft prevention. Check out this video to know the easy process of setting this chock lock up:

4. X-chocks to Lock the Wheels


Another way to secure your trailers to prevent thieves must be quality Xchocks. But, please note that these locks work well with RVs that have wheels designed to be close together.

These chocks can effectively stabilize the wheels, thus making your RV stay put when parking in a particular area. Besides, they are the perfect addition and not a replacement for traditional wheel chocks in block shape.

Furthermore, installing this kind of lock is a breeze, as we have to place the X-chocks between the RV tires. Then, tighten the nut incorporated in the middle of the chocks down to ensure their pads and arms reach out toward different directions.

After adjusting the X-chock pads to touch securely against the wheel rites, turn the nut again to stabilize them there. Please do the same with the other pair of tires; then we are done.

5. Set Up the GPS Tracking System


Such a tracker installed for RV can help you quickly identify your RV’s location in case it is stolen. Such technology will have real-time tracking and tracking history for you to have complete control over your RV’s journey, too.

Since this system notifies a connected device about its motions, you’ll know when there is a suspicious trailer movement. Just make sure you hide it somewhere in the trailer so the thief will not easily find and remove it.

6. Install an Alarm System


Modern trailer alarms have sensors that will create noise and flash a light once someone comes close and/or when someone tries to move the vehicle. It can remind the thieves that the vehicle is being protected.

These alarm sensors are specially made to detect events not part of a normal working environment or events requiring security alerts. After this, it will signal the alarm panel for processing.

You can set up GPS tracking in the alarm and maneuver all the settings in your phone with ease.

Also, some alarm sensors are directly connected to emergency dispatch centers. Therefore, once the sound goes off, police will eventually come to get the thieves.

How to Protect Your RV From Theft

1. Think About How You’ll Park Your Trailer


Many campers will back up into a parking space. This position makes it simpler to drive away when you’re ready to go home, but it also makes it easier for someone to hook up your trailer (or hop in your vehicle to steal it) and leave while you’re off hiking or enjoying the environment.

Instead, flip your camper around and place the hitch in the other direction of the usual access. Potential thieves will be deterred since they will have to manually spin the trailer to steal it, which will take longer. To park in this manner, you’ll need a tongue jack or jockey wheel.

2. Make Every Effort to Keep Your Trailer Safe


Locking your trailer entails more than simply locking the doors and windows. But these are necessary precautions. Consider the best way to lock a trailer that goes around the kingpin in this instance. Padlocks and cylinder locks are the two most common choices. Both of them pass over the kingpin.

The cylinder lock, on the other hand, can secure a trailer from theft by a locking mechanism. Some cylinder locks have a unique key that can’t be copied. You may change the handle with a keyless control lock with a keypad and keyfob for additional convenience and security.

Another option is a boot that covers the wheel and prevents it from rotating with an extension. The boot cover also protects the lugs on the wheel from being stolen. Even with a boot cover, thieves may attempt to replace tires on the camper, so select one that covers the lugs so tires cannot be changed.

3. Remove All Temptations


When you’re at a place, the concept of “out of sight, out of mind” applies. Keep valuables out of sight, secure doors and windows, and tidy up the area surrounding your camping site to eliminate any temptations. You may also consider:

4. Remove the Shades


You don’t want your hiking gear or culinary supplies to be stolen just because they’re visible through the window.

5. Camp in the Company of Others


It’s safer to be in a group. Because you’re camping with other people, someone will keep an eye on your belongings. Furthermore, criminals tend to avoid crowded places.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do thieves do with trailers?

What is the point of stealing if you won’t make use of it? Those who steal, steal to sell. They are going to earn money from the fruit of theft. Some might use the trailer, but mostly they will sell its accessories and the trailer itself.

Which trailer lock is best?

The wheel chock lock is the best among the theft-proof trailer locks mentioned. This is simply because the thief has to break the tire before it can remove it from being clamped to the tire and wheels. Likewise, having only this lock is enough to protect the trailer.


Is it still a problem for you to figure out how to lock a trailer so it can’t be stolen? I believe not.

For additional security, combine the receiver lock with the coupler lock. It’s much better if you utilize a hitch pin lock in addition to the receiver and coupler locks. However, they will only deter opportunistic thieves, not serious criminals. Use the waves I mentioned above to keep yourself secure from dangerous criminals.

Do you have any further suggestions for avoiding the trailer from being stolen? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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