How to Switch Propane Tanks on RV?

how to switch propane tanks on rv

It is important to always have a filled propane tank on your RV especially when you are about to go on the road. However, not many people know how to switch propane tanks on RV or have the confidence to do it. To help with that, we have listed down below 8 easy steps on how to replace your RVs propane tank.

8 Easy Steps to Switch Your RV Propane Tanks

Step 1: What You Will Need

Here are the things that you need to have to do this:

  • Propane tanks

You should know where your propane tanks are located. Sometimes, you might feel lost because somebody else used to do it for you. But right now, you need to do things on your own. And the first that you need to know is the location of your tanks.

  • Filled tanks

As you are switching your propane tanks, they must have been empty already. Hence, you need to have a re-fill or just another set of propane tanks that are already filled.

  • Strength (Although, not much of it)

As guaranteed in this article, switching propane tanks in RV can be very simple. So, you do not need to have a lot of strength to do it. In fact, one thing that you must be concerned about is the weight of your tanks since you will be switching empty tanks with filled ones. Once you can manage this, there is not so much to worry about.

Here are the steps on how to switch the propane tanks on your RV:

Step 2: Remove the Cover


More often than not, dual propane tanks have a cover to protect the same from dust or stains. To switch the tanks, you need to remove it first. It is not so heavy, so be careful and do it slowly but surely.

Apparently, you just need to slide it up. But before doing so, open up the lid at the top. Then, pull it up. If it does not go off quickly, then you should check if there is a strap at the bottom of the cover. It is sometimes attached to secure the placement of the cover over your tanks.

Step 3: Make Sure That the Gas is Off


You wouldn’t want to cause an explosion or fire at home, at work, or in your camping site. So, after you remove the cover of the tanks, check if the gas has been turned off. If it has not been turned off, then do the honors of doing so. We are definitely doing this for precautionary purposes.

Step 4: Take Off the Twist Knobs


You can see that both of your tanks have this twist knob. Take it off the tanks by gently twisting it in the direction that would make it come loose. Then, when it is already loose enough, disconnect the twist knobs of both tanks.

Step 5: Disassemble


It may sound really a complicated step, but you have to know that it is simple. In the middle of both tanks, you can see that there is a huge screw that seems to hold the pole that connects the two tanks to keep them in place.

Simply rotate the wing-like screw until it gets out of the vertical pole. After doing so, remove the horizontal pole that holds the two tanks in place.

Step 6: Re-fill Tanks or Switch With a Filled Tank


Now that you have already disassembled everything, you can now replace the tanks. After doing so, you need to re-assemble everything, just like how you did in the disassembling.

Step 7: Re-assemble


First, you need to put the tanks in place. Then, connect the horizontal pole that holds them steady in their positions. Attach the wing-like screw to the vertical pole to lock the pole and the tanks in place. Screw back the tie knots that you removed earlier as well. It is just an easy rotation, but make sure that you do it tight.

Step 8: Put Back the Cover


As you have finished switching the propane tanks on RV, it is time to put back the cover. You surely would want to protect your tanks from unwelcome dust and stains. After putting it back on, close the lid that you opened earlier.


See? There are only 8 steps on how to switch propane tanks on RV. These steps are so easy! Once you have done it for the first time, you can do it again on your own next time. You have to feel confident about it. It is not difficult at all!

Did you have fun? Let us know about your experience of switching propane tanks on RV in the comment section below.

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