EverChill RV Refrigerator Not Cooling – Causes & Solutions

everchill rv refrigerator not cooling

An EverChill RV refrigerator not cooling can dampen any RV adventurer’s spirits. Although resetting the appliance does the trick, a problem with the thermostat, a blown fuse, or issues with the relay might require a more serious look.

Troubleshooting your mini fridge is easy if you still have the EverChill troubleshooting guide. If not, please keep reading to learn the causes and fixes of an EverChill fridge not cooling.

Common Causes of a Non-cooling Everchill RV Refrigerator


Understanding why your EverChill RV refrigerator is not working as efficiently (or as cool) as you like should help you zero in on the problem. Doing so lets you find the correct solution and restore the appliance’s optimum functioning.

1. A faulty or defective thermostat


The thermostat controls the EverChill refrigerator’s compressor (the component doing the “cooling”) by regulating the temperature. Sometimes, a little thermostat adjustment does the trick in kick-starting the fridge’s cooling function.

2. A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker


Fuses and circuit breakers are protective mechanisms, safeguarding your electrical appliances from short circuits and overloading. Unfortunately, blowing a fuse or tripping a circuit breaker can cause the EverChill refrigerator to malfunction, losing its cooling capabilities.

3. Battery drain


Powering the EverChill RV fridge requires connecting to shore power (at the campsite) or battery banks (on the road). Unfortunately, refrigerators are power-hungry appliances, using up your battery’s stored energy quite quickly. Your battery may be drained, preventing it from running the fridge.

4. Refrigerant blockage


Refrigerants absorb heat, allowing them to cool the space they’re in as they move through tiny pipes. Unfortunately, clogging in these tubes can prevent the refrigerant from circulating properly and cooling the EverChill fridge.

5. Problems with door gaskets


An EverChill RV fridge not getting cold on electric might indicate a leak in the doors. Refrigerator doors have rubber-like gaskets to form an airtight seal. Cracks or disfigurement on gaskets can allow cold air to escape, making the fridge’s interior warmer than usual.

6. Faulty circuit board


Like other refrigerators, EverChill fridges feature a circuit board controlling the appliance’s many functions, including cooling. You can look at it as a computer for refrigerators. A malfunctioning circuit board might explain why an EverChill fridge is not cold enough.

Troubleshooting Everchill Refrigerator Cooling Problems

We recommend checking EverChill’s official website for a downloadable owner’s manual to learn the correct troubleshooting steps.

Alternatively, you can contact the RV manufacturer that might have supporting documents for the different appliances they installed in the RV. An internet search is also valuable.

1. Reset the EverChill RV fridge


An EverChill fridge reset might be all you need to restart the appliance’s cooling function. Although this RV appliance doesn’t have a dedicated reset button, changing its parameters to default is straightforward.

Switch off the RV’s electrical breaker or the breaker switch connected to the EverChill fridge. Leave it off for at least two hours to help the appliance resume normal operations by clearing any problems or errors.

Power the EverChill back on and see if resetting the fridge makes it cool again.

2. Park your RV on level ground


Examine the terrain the RV is on. Is it level, or is one side higher (or lower) than the other? You can check the RV level indicator (similar to a carpenter’s level) and see if the bubble is in the center. If not, you parked on uneven terrain.

Drive and place your RV somewhere with level and firm terrain while waiting for the fridge to reset its functions. We recommend using the motorhome’s leveling mechanisms to ensure parallel parking to the ground.

3. Wait for the fridge to cool

Like an air conditioner, refrigerators take some time to cool. For EverChill, the average wait time is up to two hours. An RV fridge not cold enough might only need several more minutes to reach its desired temperature.

4. Adjust the temperature controls


Setting the fridge’s temperature adjustment too low might also cause the appliance to not cool. You might want to check the unit for two temperature controls. One or both might be in the highest setting, leading to a fridge that’s warm and not cold.

5. Assess the refrigerator door gaskets


If adjusting the temperature controls doesn’t fix the problem, you might want to inspect the door gaskets. Look for cracks or gaps between the gasket and the refrigerator’s surface.

Alternatively, run your fingers along the seams and feel for cold air escaping. Unfortunately, the only fix is to replace the gasket.

6. Look for hot food in the fridge


We often overlook this possible explanation for why the EverChill RV refrigerator is not cooling. Hot foods (i.e., soups, casseroles, and recently-fried items) raise the fridge’s temperature. Remove these foods and ask everyone not to put hot items in the unit.

This situation might also explain why the fridge is not cooling but freezer is fine. Opening the doors frequently, worn-out gaskets and hot foods in the refrigerator will keep the appliance from cooling properly.

7. Assess the circuit breaker and fuse

You can also look at the circuit breaker and inspect if it’s in the ON position. A switch in the OFF position might indicate the breaker tripped. You can switch it back on.

Assess the EverChill fridge fuse. Inspect the fuse wire for continuity. If there’s a break or gap, you have a blown fuse.

8. Check the compressor for function

Please skip this troubleshooting step if you’re clueless about using an ohmmeter or cannot locate the EverChill fridge compressor. You might want tech support instead.

Alternatively, you can watch this video by Bill Newberry. It’s not for an RV refrigerator, but the process should be similar.

9. Assess the evaporator fan


Another reason your fridge compartment doesn’t cool but freezer works is a faulty evaporator fan or a blocked diffuser. The fan cools the refrigerator by drawing cold air from EverChill’s freezer section through a diffuser duct.

Open the freezer and listen for the distinct sound of a fan whirling at the freezer’s center back. Ice can block the fan duct, preventing it from transporting cold air to the refrigerator.

DIY Fixes for Everchill Refrigerator Cooling


Although we already discussed some DIY fixes in our troubleshooting section, we have extra solutions you can consider.

  1. Press and hold the fridge’s SET button for about ten seconds to turn it off. Wait two hours and power it back up. This DIY fix also applies to a SET light blinking nonstop.
  2. Recharge the battery bank, or consider installing a battery with a higher capacity.
  3. Buy a replacement for the busted fuse, ensuring it has the correct ratings for the EverChill refrigerator.
  4. Adjust the thermostat by pressing the temperature Up button until it reaches the refrigerator’s highest temperature. Press the EverChill SET button once to restore the appliance to its default temperature setting.


An EverChill RV refrigerator not cooling might indicate an issue with the compressor, evaporator fan, circuit board, or thermostat. Or, it could be as simple as a drained battery, tripped circuit breaker, or blown fuse.

Sometimes, the issue only needs relocating your RV to a level ground or resetting the appliance and adjusting the thermostat. In some cases, frequent door opening and putting hot foods in the fridge can warm it.

Whatever the reason, you’re now more confident troubleshooting and fixing it.

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