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motorhome professionals group on facebook

We have created a new facebook group called Motorhome & Caravan Professionals which is a closed group (invite only) to allow people within the Motorhome Industry to discuss related subject matter. is the link to the group

If you are in a role within the motorhome / caravan industry whether it be motorhome hire, motorhome sales. workshop staff, etc etc as long as you are business related then join the group

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motorhomes for sale website

Well we have owned a domain for years but it has been buggy and underutilised but as we were selling our own van we went through a process of tuning the code, adding more functionality and getting it all working well

The website is Motorhome Finder and it’s totally 100% FREE to list motorhomes for sale on so go ahead and Add yours and if you have any ideas / find any bugs let us know

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Keep Cool in your motorhome and caravan

Well the heatwave is here, people are wilting and so are the flowers !

The traditional summer holiday is quickly approaching and here are some tips and information on keeping cool in your motorhome / caravan.

Why do motorhomes and caravans get so hot ? Continue reading

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motorhome satellite wont lock on

If you are having problems with your motorhome satellite system locking on and is instead just swing around and around in a frustrating dance then we have a neat guide on what to check and how to potentially resolve your issue.

The reason why your satellite system may have stopped locking on to the satellite signal can be various but we will tackle the Continue reading

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westcountry caravan and motorhome show

Well been so busy I haven’t had chance to update the blog for ages !

So sorry to our regular readers firstly.

I will strive to get some updates on over the next few days, got some excellent bloggings to document from some new Hall of Shame installations / work we have seen on vans, some unusual things we have fitted lately and news and images from shows we have attended.

Talking about shows, we are going to be at this weekends show at Exeter in Devon. The show is the Caravan and Motorhome show hosted at Westpoint Arena and looks to be very busy / bigger this year.

We are inside the main hall building along the walls so come and see us, we have demo satellite / AC / Reversing camera equipment with us, Handbrake Extenders, ACSI Books, Camperstop and assorted other goodies for sale. We also have SOG UK stand next to us selling the range of SOG Toilet addon systems and spares.

Hopefully the weather will hold and it will be a good show, we always like the Exeter shows as they are very close to us, so easier to setup the stand and get to go home at night which is a luxury at any show !!


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nec motorhome show

Our Motorhome is all packed, I am off to to the NEC show this morning where I will be manning the Dometic stand all week at the Caravan Camping and Motorhome show at The Birmingham NEC.

Masses of Special offers available on Dometic products including Air conditioning systems, reversing cameras, inverters and the new Dometic Awning range.

Deals also available on Oyster satellite systems and combination deals on Oyster / Dometic products, speak to David on Dometic stand 3080.