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wall of shame charging point

Had another van with something worthy of our wall of shame, this customer was aware of a modification carried out by a previous owner and asked us to remove it so here it is in its glory ?

wall of shame charging point The picture is of a connector block found in the glove box which fed down and was connected to a permanent connection to the battery

dodgy battery connections as shown here. The idea being as far as we can tell to allow a charger to be connected to the remnants of a plug prongs in the glove box (which were permanently unfused live) or a solar panel perhaps !!!

Either way this isn’t safe and was removed !


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Wall of Shame Cycle rack fittings

Wall of Shame Cycle rack fittingsThis van was in for some work a few weeks back, I took a photo but forgot to load it onto our wall of shame but here it is for your perusal.

Note the lack of proper Fiamma fixing Brackets, god knows how long this rack will hold out for before pulling through the plastic of the rear wall or the cable ties snapping !


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Dometic Group

Dometic HQ Blandford

Ben and I drove up to Dometic UK HQ in Blandford Forum, Dorset today to attend some training.

Very informative and we are now 100% up to speed with Dometic Fridge servicing / diagnostics, Seitz Windows, Dometic Air Conditioning Diagnostics / installation and Dometic Toilet systems.

A very worthwhile course and thanks go to John who ran the course even with an injury to his arm from the previous day !


Whilst there took a few photos of the Dometic Demonstration Vehicle which is a custom built motorhome based on a Mercedes Atego 815 and is an impressive 10 metres long and 3.6 metres high.

dometic demo motorhome

dometic demo motorhome

The demo motorhome is packed full of every Dometic product imaginable with over twenty fully operational Dometic products installed such as both Absorption and Compressor Dometic fridges fridges, Dometic air conditioning units, Seitz windows and rooflights, Dometic generators, misc Dometic safety equipment, sinks and hobs, Dometic toilet and more.

dometic motorhome centreOutdoor Bits is a Dometic Motorhome Centre and as such we can offer 3 year warranties on products supplied and installed by us.





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carbon monoxide

Here in Outdoorbits we seem to be encountering a spate of High carbon monoxide readings whilst doing Habitation Services recently, more alarmingly the response from owners when informed is that its never been picked up at prior Habitation checks.

Now the actual Habitation Service isn’t a mandatory item and as such has no legal requirement for a Gas Analyser to be used in fact the NCC Guidelines for a Habitation Service also do not require / detail the use of one to check Carbon monoxide readings, the nod to the safety aspect is that the colour of the flame from such items as the Fridge burner should be checked for the presence of yellow colour indicating an issue.

We have invested in a Continue reading

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Solar Panel waterproof gland !

Had a van in for some work this week (Gaslow bottle system installed), He was visiting the area as part of an Autotrail Members Club Rally and initially came to us asking about a suspected gas leak.

We did the Gaslow work but as always out of curiosity we took a look around at anything installed on the van.

The roof had a solar panel installed by someone from the Autotrail Owners club (obviously not a professional)

hall of shame unattached solar cabling
Solar Panel waterproof gland !
Hall of Shame solar panel bracket 






We pointed out the issues to the owner but they mentioned that this particular person did quite a few installs for members of the club, short cuts like this give proper installations a bad name, Caveat Emptor  !

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Seen on Motorhome group on Facebook very funny, think Bradley our Labrador would like one