Telair DualClima 12400H Motorhome Air Conditioning System



Heat pump – High-Efficiency Heat Pump heating supplies 2.3 kW heating power (Silent 7300H) with only 0.92 kW consumption. The heat pump is effective for outside temperatures down to -2°C; below this temperature, its efficiency is considerably reduced.
Automatic Control – By using the AUTO function, the air conditioner selects the most suitable ventilation speed and the cooling or heating function automatically.
Remote Control – all functions can be performed via the remote control.
Anti-ice protection PROBES.
Internal Filters – can be changed / cleaned / washed easily.
Suitable for roofs having thickness from 30 to 70 mm.
New timer function on the Telair DualClima 8400H.
Newly designed diffuser.



Telair Automatic Motorhome Air Conditioners with heat pump facility can be used throughout the year for fast cooling and heating in cooler conditions. Air conditioning for motorhomes can make a real difference in hot climates when abroad bringing down the internal temperature to make your holiday more comfortable especially during hot and humid evenings.

The Telair DualClima 12400H is specially designed to be installed on the roofs of medium- to large-sized motorhomes and caravans.

The ideal and affordable motorhome air conditioning system.

Special care has been taken to ensure LOW NOISE both inside and outside for even more relaxed atmosphere.

Additional information

Weight 39 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 100 cm


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