Who Makes Heartland RV? Why Are They So Popular?

who makes heartland rv

Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC is the maker of Heartland RVs. It was founded by Brian Brady, an RVer himself. In 2010, however, the company was acquired by Thor Industries. Up to this day, Heartland operates as a subsidiary of the latter.

If you’re thinking of buying an RV, one of the most important considerations is the brand name. This is where you will most probably encounter Heartland RV. Who owns Heartland RV? That’s the question we’ll answer in the rest of this post.

History of Heartland RV


The story of Heartland RV started in 2003 when the company was established. It was a product of the expertise of different individuals who came together to address the demand for high-quality motorhomes.

  • A year after the company’s establishment, Heartland introduced Landmark. This fifth wheel featured some of the most innovative technologies in the market at that time and has been highly influential in the brand’s success.
  • In 2005, another brand was introduced – Sundance. It was also the year the owner’s club was born, gathering global owners to form a community.
  • The following year, Cyclone, a toy hauler, reached the market. It was also the time the company grew at an exponential rate and opened a new manufacturing facility.
  • More brands and manufacturing facilities were introduced in the following years. However, one of the highlights was the acquisition of Heartland by Thor Industries in 2010.

Other brands and products were introduced in the succeeding years, such as the Terry Classic in 2016.

  • To remain competitive, Heartland had a rebranding in 2020. With its new identity came a new promise for better products.

Who Owns Heartland RV?


Heartland RV is owned by the company of the same name, but it’s not as simple as that. It is a subsidiary of Thor Industries, which is one of the most recognizable names in the RV market.

Thor Industries: Heartland’s parent company

Thor Industries has a global family of companies in over 400 locations spread over six countries. Since its establishment in 1980, the company has been steadfast in its commitment to connecting nature and people.

Aside from Heartland, Thor Industries is also the parent company of many equally impressive RV brands, such as:

  • Airstream
  • Crossroads
  • Cruiser RV
  • Entegra Coach
  • Highland Ridge
  • Jayco RV
  • Keystone RV Company
  • Redwood RV

Heartland’s acquisition by Thor Industries


From its humble beginnings in 2003, Heartland RV manufacturer was operating on its own. Through the years, however, it has expanded. This is when it became a part of Thor Industries, joining other notable brands of recreational vehicles.

The acquisition was reportedly valued at $210 million. Its purchase included $100 million in cash and 4.3 million shares from the private equity firm that owned Heartland. During this purchase, Heartland is said to have made $400 million in sales in the past 12 months.

Despite the acquisition of Heartland RV by Thor Industries, the two companies remain independent. They also have different management teams.

Features of Heartland RVs


Heartland manufacturing RVs for a decade is a testament to its solid reputation. It was able to build such because of its many amazing features, including the following, which demonstrate top-notch Heartland RV quality:

  • Robust Frame: Heartland RVs are equipped with what they call a structural I-beam frame, which provides a strong foundation. It contributes to the durability of their RVs.
  • Tight Turn Technology: This patented technology improves radius design, which makes it easy to make tight turns.
  • Generous Storage: With unique storage solutions, you can keep more stuff in your motorhome and enjoy quick access to the things you need.
  • Triple Seal Slide System: This innovative feature protects against external components, such as water and dust.
  • Aztel Composite Sidewall: A patented feature, its sidewalls use a combination of propylene and fiberglass to be lightweight without compromising durability.

Other Products of Heartland


Now that we talked about who manufactures Heartland RVs, let’s look at their specific products.

Generally speaking, the products of Heartland are RVs. However, if we’ll be more technical, it’s crucial to note that different types of RVs are available under Heartland, including the following:

  • Travel Trailers

Lightweight and premium, these towable homes on the road are designed for easy hitching on your vehicle. Some of the most popular Heartland RV brands under this category are North Trail, Mallard, Trail Runner, Sun Dance, and Pioneer.

  • Fifth Wheels

If you would rather have a full-sized camper, this is the perfect option. It has a tow hitch, which is what is called the fifth wheel. In turn, they are easy to tow, improving stability on the road. Some brands include Landmark, Big Country, and Elkridge.

  • Toy Haulers

Equipped with a pull-down door that can store a motorcycle or even a four-wheeler, these are large motorhomes. They are long and heavy, which also means you’ll need a high-powered truck for towing. Heartland brands of this RV include Cyclone, Fuel, and Gravity.

Frequently Asked Questions


What company owns Heartland?

Thor Industries owns Heartland, where it had a controlling stake since its purchase in 2010 for $200 million.

Is Heartland a good brand?

Yes, Heartland is a good brand. Heartland RV owners highlight how the company offers innovative features at friendly prices.


Who makes Heartland RV? That is the question we answered in this post. As noted, Heartland is a subsidiary of Thor Industries. Despite this, Heartland and Thor remain independent companies with different management teams.

Over the years, Heartland has proven itself by introducing new products and technologies that help solidify its position in the global market. No wonder many people love the brand, especially because of the competitive prices they offer.

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