Who Makes Entegra Motorhomes? – Entegra Motorhomes History

who makes entegra motorhomes
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Entegra motorhomes is owned by Jayco, which is owned by Thor Industries. Initially, Travel Supreme, who makes Entegra motorhomes, owned it until Jayco acquired the company in 2008.

Later on, Thor Industries bought Jayco, making it a well-known motorhome manufacturer in the United States. The company owns different brands of motorhomes, which include Entegra.

History of Entegra Motorhomes


Who makes Entegra RV? Entegra motorhomes or Entegra coaches have been around for a long time and were initially connected with Travel Supreme.

Travel Supreme was known to build luxury class motorhomes. In 2008, the company was acquired by Jayco, who manufactures different RVs, and Entegra became one of the brands that they handled.

Since then, Entegra has promised an “unwavering commitment to craftsmanship.” It made sure that every motorhome design is at its highest standard and quality.

If you’re wondering where are Entegra motorhomes made, there are two locations where you can find them.

Currently, Entegra factory is known to be located in Middlebury, Indiana, USA. However, Jayco is also known to have a manufacturing plant in Twin Falls, Idaho, so regarding the question “who builds Entegra motorhomes,” you can rest assured the brand’s vehicles are made in America.

In 2018, the company expanded its lineup to more motorhome classes. These classes will be discussed further in this article.

Who Owns Entegra RV?


In 2016, Jayco was acquired by Thor Industries, a Public Limited Company (PLC), making Entegra a company owned by thousands of people. Thor Industries are known for building motorhomes of different brands, designs, and even classes.

Currently, Jayco’s CEO is Derald Bontrager while Thor Industries’ CEO is Bob Martin. These two would mainly make decisions for Entegra travel trailers.

Some Common Entegra RV Models


Looking into the history of Entegra motorhomes, we’ll notice that although each motorhome is made one at a time, the company still offers a variety of models and classes.

Entegra has basically four main models: Luxury Diesel, Gas Class A, Class B and Class C. These four main categories have different “sub-models”.

Accordingly, the most luxurious and naturally most expensive design is the Cornerstone under Luxury Diesel. It was even named as the best luxury living motorcoach, although Aspire and Anthem were also known to be best-selling Entegra models.

The company is also well-known for its Entegra Class A and Entegra Class C motorhomes, which offer extensive amenities and flexible floor plans. The most known class C are the Entegra Odyssey, Esteem, and Qwest while popular class A models include the Emblem and XL.

Class B, on the other hand, is also making its way as the company releases the Ethos model.

Cost of an Entegra Motorhome


As we are all aware that Entegra manufactures luxury class A motorhomes, it is no surprise that its price will be expensive.

However, since the brand has been in the business for a long time and received recognition when it comes to luxury and quality, Entegra may be a good choice if you’re interested in and serious about getting a motorcoach.

You can check out the different classes, design and floor plans through their website. As for the price, it is always best to consult an authorized Entegra dealer, which you can also find through their website.

Generally, Entegra motorhomes are available for 150,000 to 400,000 dollars.


Entegra has a long history when it comes to building motorhomes. Jayco, who makes Entegra motorhomes, is both well-known and reliable in this line of business.

They have a good reputation, and the fact that they acquired Entegra gives us more confidence in the latter’s quality. As Entegra said in their story, they are in “in pursuit of perfection.” If you are looking for a brand of luxury and quality, Entegra is worth checking out.

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