Votronic Battery Master

When left standing idle for even a few days, a motorhome engine battery can discharge – even when nothing is connected. This is called self-discharging and is an inevitable consequence of not using a battery.

If the motorhome is powering an alarm system, a tracker or other 12V items, the discharge will be greater and this can result in failure to start the engine or even damage to the battery.

The Votronic Battery Master automatically charges a vehicle’s starter battery at up to 2 Amps using the leisure batteries as a source of power.

As long as the leisure batteries are being charged by a mains charger, a solar panel or a generator for example, current will flow to the starter battery and keep it in good condition and ready to start the engine when needed. With twice the power output and at half the price of some similar products, the Votronic Battery Master is one of the most cost-effective products you can buy for your motorhome.

Note: BORD battery and START battery are German for LEISURE battery and STARTER battery respecively.