Thor Compass Problems & How to Fix

Thor compass problems

Thor Compass can be prone to several problems, including water intrusion, water heater failure, poor insulation, poor design of storage compartments, and door lock issues. Many of these issues can be resolved through DIY tasks.

Learn more about the potential Thor Compass problems you might encounter. The table below presents a quick summary of what this short article will discuss.

Water Intrusion
  • Use RV cover
  • Apply sealant
  • Keep the RV dry
Water Heater Failure
  • Check water quality
  • Check the power supply
  • Reset the heater
  • Use a regulator
Poor Insulation
  • Clean the HVAC system
  • DIY or professional insulation
Cramped and Dark Storage Compartment
  • Use a brighter color to give an illusion of space
Door Lock Issue
  • Clean the door lock
  • Apply lubricant

Thor Compass Common Issues and Solutions

One thing that makes Thor Compass attractive is its price. Nonetheless, there were also several issues and complaints you should be wary of.

Below are some complications you might encounter with Thor Compass RV and, more importantly, solutions worth trying.

1. Water Intrusion

It’s frustrating when water gets inside the RV. Occasional leaks may be negligible at first. However, in the long run, this can weaken the RV’s structural integrity and damage the appliances inside.

There are several ways you can deal with these performance issues:

  • One of the simplest but most effective solutions is to use an RV cover. This is especially helpful if your RV is parked for a long time.
  • Applying sealant on the areas prone to water intrusion is another effective approach.
  • It’s also imperative to pay attention to proper cleaning and maintenance, which will keep your RV dry. Doing so will minimize the possibility of mold and mildew ruining your RV.

2. Water Heater Failure


Thor Compass comes with a tankless water heater. It delivers several benefits, such as efficiency. However, many users have reported the water heater not working, which can be uncomfortable and annoying when the weather is cold.

To tackle the issue, here are a few approaches you can try:

  • In some cases, the problem is with the water quality itself rather than the heater. For instance, your water may have excessive mineral deposits, which can clog the pipes and prevent hot water from flowing through.

If it’s indeed the case that you have hard water, you might want to install a water softener to remove the minerals that may later clog your pipes.

  • Other solutions include checking the power supply and ensuring it’s working.
    • A multimeter can be a handy tool to confirm if there’s electricity.
    • Resetting the heater might also work.
    • Using an adjustable water regulator may also address the problem.

3. Poor Insulation


If you’re bringing your RV to an area where it’s cold, you might experience insulation problems, as highlighted in some reviews. Below are some preventative measures for troubleshooting poor temperature regulation:

  • One of the best things to do is to clean the HVAC system regularly. This way, you can ensure optimal functionality and efficiency.
  • Another solution is DIY or professional RV insulation to regulate the temperature in your Thor Compass.

Some practical ideas include covering windows, using vent covers, RV skirting, installing space heaters, sealing cracks, and adding thick carpets.

4. Poor Design of Storage Compartment


One of the more noticeable flaws of the Thor Compass is related to the exterior storage space. The placement can make it uncomfortable to load and unload your belongings. In addition, it’s also too dark.

One of the solutions worth trying is to change the color of the interior space. You can make it brighter. This will create an illusion of a bigger space while improving visibility, allowing you to see things easily.

5. Door Lock Issue


It might seem simple, but it’s frustrating when the door lock is not working as it should. According to some users, there seems to be a misalignment between the strike plate and the door latch. Rust can also be present, which affects how the door works.

  • As there can be stuck debris, which makes locking more challenging, the first thing you should try is cleaning the door lock.
  • Using lubricants on the door mechanism can also help.


Thor Compass has quite a reputation for being affordable. Nonetheless, there are also several Thor Compass problems, which can hinder many people from considering this motorhome. However, as mentioned earlier, you can fix most of these issues yourself.

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