RV Slide Out is Crooked: Causes and Fixes

rv slide out is crooked

Loose hardware, insufficient lubrication, and track blockages are some of the most often overlooked reasons why an RV slide out is crooked or seems “misaligned.” Of course, other factors can make the RV component out of place.

Knowing the causes allows you to fix a crooked RV slide out. And this article does just that. Please, read on.

Causes of Crooked RV Slide Outs

RV slide out problems (i.e., looking crooked) occur when you cannot operate or the slide-out looks out of place. After all, a slide out is an extendable compartment of the motorhome, allowing you to add space for different activities.

Unfortunately, determining why one side of slide out not working, is not as straightforward as many hope. Here are some plausible explanations.

1. Loose Hardware

RV slide outs have fasteners (i.e., screws, bolts, nuts, and wires) to secure the other components of the motorhome.

However, driving on bumpy roads can create vibrations that loosen these pieces of hardware. It can help explain why an RV slide out not level.

2. Blocked Slide Out Tracks

RV slide outs have rollers or wheels to move along channels or tracks, allowing them to extend or retract.

These tracks can accumulate dirt, small rocks, and other debris, stopping the slide outs from moving. That’s why the RV slide out is stuck on one side.

3. Dry Tracks and Seals


Dirty tracks aren’t the only concern. Moving the slide out through the tracks can be challenging if the tracks are dry because of increased friction.

Moreover, the seals can also crack, creating entry points for water to seep. This can impede normal slide out movement on the tracks and explain a slide uneven top to bottom.

4. Slide Out Motor and Electrical Issues


Although some RVers don’t recognize electrical issues as potential causes of a crooked RV slide out, it can be a factor.

For example, a failing motor might not extend or retract the slide out as effectively as it should. Insufficient electricity can also stop an RV slide out dead on the tracks, producing a “crooked” appearance.

5. Hydraulic System Issues

No vertical or horizontal adjustment can save an RV slide out from looking crooked if the problem is with the hydraulic system. This component facilitates the slide out movement.

Unfortunately, a hydraulic press is not immune to wear and tear. Rubber seals can crack, and gears can get misaligned.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Fixing a crooked RV slide out is hassle-free if you know the cause. We offer the following troubleshooting tips and solutions.

1. Check for Hardware (Fastener) Issues.


Identify any loose screws, bolts, wires, nuts, and other fasteners that might contribute to an RV slide out of alignment or looking “crooked.”

You can retighten the fasteners or inspect them for signs of wear. Replace these pieces of hardware if needed.

2. Assess the Tracks for Dirt and Debris.


Inspect the RV slide out tracks for signs of dirt or debris accumulation.

Remove these objects and clean the tracks for a more effective operation.

3. Look for Signs of Dryness on the Tracks and Seals.


Inspect the tracks and RV slide out seals. You can run a finger on these components and see if they are bone-dry. You might also see cracks in seals.

Clean the tracks and seals before applying a suitable lubricant. You can also replace the seals or hire a professional to do it.

4. Check the RV Slide Out Electrical System.


Look for an error code in your RV’s slide out control panel to check for a possible failing or defective motor.

Listen for a clicking sound or whining noise when operating the slide out. Notice the slide out’s speed of retraction and extension if sluggish.

Sadly, we don’t recommend that you replace the motor DIY style, which is too complicated for most RVers.

Check your battery bank’s electrical charge. Is it adequate to operate the RV slide out? If not, try to recharge the battery before re-assessing the slide out.

Inspect the wirings for breaks, loose contacts, and other signs of damage. Check the fuse or breaker. Replacing a blown fuse or re-engaging a tripped breaker should be easy.

5. Check if Your RV is Level.

A motorhome or camper parked on uneven terrain can create RV slide out binding, where the slide out “sticks” to the opening’s edges. A failing motor or insufficient power can also cause this issue.

You can realign RV slide out by ensuring the motorhome is level. You could park it on even terrain or use levelers to guarantee parallelism to the ground.

6. Assess the RV Slide Out Hydraulic System.

RV experts recommend finding a technician to assess and fix a sagging RV slide out due to hydraulic issues. However, you can observe several things to bolster your suspicion.

Check the slide out hydraulic pump’s location in the RV. Look at the device and inspect for moistness or potential leak. You can also follow the lines from the pump.

If you see signs of a hydraulic leak or other problems, a professional can help rectify the issue and adjust slide out on camper units.


Several reasons can explain why an RV slide out is crooked such as loose hardware, debris buildup in the tracks, or dry seals and grooves. In some cases, the issue can be with the motor, the electrical system, or the hydraulics.

Zeroing in on the cause would help you identify the correct fix with our straightforward above-mentioned solutions. Nevertheless, we still recommend getting a professional to inspect, diagnose, and repair a crooked RV slide out.

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