RV Cable TV Wiring Diagram – Complete Installation Guide

rv cable tv wiring diagram

Knowledge of the correct RV cable TV wiring diagram lets you enjoy your favorite TV shows, films, and streaming services in the RV wherever your adventures take you and your family. It’s an essential mobile entertainment feature that guarantees more pleasurable camping experiences.

Most motorhome owners don’t have issues installing an RV cable connection. However, if you find this task perplexing, our RV cable TV wiring guide should help you navigate the process.

Wiring Diagram and Installation Guide

Credit: forestriverforums.com

Manufacturers of recreational vehicles offer an RV wiring schematic specific to their models and series. Some might be more complicated than others, requiring RV owners to analyze the illustrations carefully.

For example, we obtained the images below from a Forest River vehicle, whose diagram helps wire cable TV in an RV (specifically the Forest River Forester 3011DS).

Credit: forestriverforums.com

These wiring schematics provide a bird’s eye view of how the cables run across the RV, allowing you to make the correct connections. So, how do you connect an ordinary or smart TV to your RV? Let’s look at your options.

Connecting a Cable TV to the Motorhome

Cable TV needs a coaxial or coax cable to work. You can buy a coax cable long enough to connect the exterior antenna to the RV outside cable box. Twenty to fifty feet of coax cable should be sufficient. Here are the steps.

1. Start the RV cable hookup by connecting one end of the coax cable to the campsite’s or RV park’s power pole and plugging the other end into the motorhome’s external cable connection box.


2. Connect the RV TV to the motorhome’s internal cable connection box, ensuring the latter also links to the cable set-top device. Adjust the device settings to ensure it receives good cable signals from the RV park.


3. Check your RV TV antenna booster wiring diagram to determine the device’s location and connection requirements. You can also assess the satellite dish, which is a must for an RV cable and satellite system.


4. Ensure the satellite dish and booster feature pre-wired cable connectors for hooking into the RV TV. Configure these components’ settings to improve signal reception.


5. Connect the RV TV to the cable box inside the motorhome cabin, turn it on, and power on the signal booster.


Rewiring an RV Electrical System to Accommodate 2 TVs

Connecting a cable TV to your RV is as easy as plugging connectors and modifying some device settings to ensure excellent signal reception. Unfortunately, RVs with two TVs might pose some issues, especially if one unit is not satellite-ready.

You might want to rewire the RV cable TV connector wall plate to accommodate two TVs. Here’s how.

1. Grab a screwdriver and loosen the fasteners securing the wall plate. Pull it out of the wall to expose the connections on the backside.


2. Examine the wires and identify the output cable, cable feed to and from the external antenna, and the signal input wire from the external connection box. You might want to double-check the coax wiring diagram for your RV.


3. Reroute the external cable connection wire to the wall plate, noting the orange power cable and the white ground wire.


4. Install two feedthrough jacks on the wall plate and create a cable loop between the splitters’ cable inputs. You can use RG-6 connectors for this step.


5. Connect the two feedthrough jacks using a small jumper wire. This action allows you to access the RV park’s cable TV service.


6. Reinstall the wall plate and turn off its power. Connect the satellite cable to the top right jack and link a second TV to the other jack. You now have two TVs to watch from in the RV.



Troubleshooting common cable TV issues

Here’s how to troubleshoot common RV cable TV issues.

  • Ask other RVers at the park or campsite if they have the same signal problems before you start troubleshooting your setup. Your issues with reception might be location-related, not because you have a defective device or faulty connection.
  • Assess the connectors and look for breaks, tangles, and loose connections.
  • Check the cables for signs of damage and replace them if needed.
  • Try turning off the RV amplifier and reassess the cable connection. If the problem persists, turn on the amplifier and disconnect the coax cable from the antenna. Assess the coax cable for rust and other signs of deterioration.
  • Check the coax cable’s voltage, ensuring it’s 12 volts. If not, the wall plate might require professional repair.

Popular TV wiring schematics for RVs

TV wiring schematics for RVs vary across brands. For example, we found the following wiring diagram for Forest River’s X4334 RV.

Meanwhile, Keystone RVs might have a “less complicated” schematic for RV owners to determine the location of the RV antenna cable switch and other components. Here’s an example.

On the other hand, here’s the wiring diagram to help you hook up an external antenna to a Winnebago Minnie Winnie/Spirit 322M.

We recommend checking your RV manufacturer’s wiring diagram specific to the model, series, and year.


An RV cable TV wiring diagram specific to one’s RV brand, model, and series is a blueprint for safe and effective cable TV connections. It can also provide guidance on troubleshooting common issues, including linking at least two TV sets for everyone in the camper to enjoy.

Although wiring schematics can be technical for some users, we recommend learning the different symbols and their meanings to make these diagrams more beneficial.

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