How to Remove a Thetford RV Toilet? – 3 Steps (w/Tutorial Video)

how to remove a thetford rv toilet

Recreational vehicles have been a home for some people. So, when the RVs have toilet problems, the options are to remove an old RV toilet or seek repair instructions.

Toilets are essential in an RV, just as they are in any other home. So, if you’re curious about Thetford Galaxy Starlite toilet removal in your RV and other tips to make the process easier, keep reading.

Below is a detailed guide on how to remove a Thetford RV toilet.

Thetford RV Toilet Removal Guide

The advantage of this type of toilet is that it is mobile, so you caneasily replace an RV toilet by following the steps below:

What to prepare

  • Wrench
  • Towel
  • Lubricant

To change an RV toilet, it’s important to know how to remove it first.

Step 1: Park your RV in a leveled area and drain your waste tank.


Placing your RV in a leveled area helps to minimize potential disruptions while you remove a camper toilet. To ensure this, you may want to place a wedge on your RV’s tires to balance and secure it.

Once you have confirmed that it is safe and immovable, you can now start removing RV toilet.

The first step in removing the toilet is to empty the tank. To avoid waste getting on the floor of your RV and to reduce waste odor inside, you must drain your waste tank with extreme caution.

After cleaning the tank, rinse it with water to ensure that no waste remains inside.

Step 2: Loosen the screws that hold the toilet in place.


You must first disconnect the water pump before removing the toilet. This is to prevent water from spilling and making a mess on the floor.

Lift the plastic lid that covers the bolts at the bottom of your toilet. This lid secures the toilet to the floor of your RV. Once lifted, properly unfasten the screws. Use a towel to ensure that no water is leaking into the RV.


Unfasten all bolts, including those extending all the way to the bottom of the toilet. If you notice some rusted screws, apply lubricant to them and try to loosen them after a few minutes.

Step 3: Take off the toilet.

When all of the screws have been removed, it is time to remove the toilet. This can be accomplished by disconnecting the water hose from the water source and lifting the toilet.

If you’re having trouble removing the toilet from the RV’s floor, try moving it back and forth.

You can now begin the RV toilet installation once it has been removed.

How Do I Know What Thetford RV Toilet I Have?

There are various Thetford camper toilets available, but there are also methods for determining which Thetford RV toilet you have. It could be via a data sticker or a waste cassette.

Examine the bottom of your RV toilet. The data sticker is located beneath the waste tank. You could determine which type of Thetford toilet you have from the model number attached to the data sticker.

You could also inspect your Thetford toilet by looking at the type of waste cassette it has. Here is a simple table to help you get to know your model better:

C200 or C2/3/4 Yellow cover with or without wheels
C250/260 Orange cover with wheels
C220 Blue cover with wheels
C400 Green cover with wheels

You can now easily identify which type of Thetford toilet you have based on our provided information. This may also be useful if you are considering doing a motorhome toilet replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different models of Thetford RV toilets?

The following are the types of Thetford RV toilets:

  • Thetford Aqua Magic Toilet
  • Thetford Aria Toilet
  • Thetford Tecma Toilet

How to take apart a Thetford toilet for repair?

The following are the steps for removing the Thetford toilet:

  • Unfasten the screws holding the RV toilet attached to the floor.
  • To see the front assembly, press the foot pedal.
  • Take off the nut from the bolt as well as the seat.
  • To remove the nut from the rear assembly, use a half-inch deep well socket.
  • Disconnect the water hose from the water supply.
  • Lift the toilet away from the floor.

How to repair a Thetford RV toilet?

Aside from knowing the best way to remove a Thetford RV toilet, you should also be familiar with Thetford RV toilet repair.

  • Take off the screws holding the toilet in place, then remove the toilet seal.
  • Examine the blade seal’s condition. If it is in poor condition, replace it.
  • If this is not the case, check to see if the toilet is firmly attached to the floor. If it is, loosen the screws until it is securely fastened.
  • Remove the toilet from the RV floor and attempt to flush it. Check to see if it leaks after 15 seconds of flushing. If it does, it indicates that the Thetford RV toilet water valve is faulty and must be replaced.
  • If it leaks at the back of the toilet, the vacuum breaker is defective and needs to be changed.

These are the series of steps you could follow to fix your damaged RV toilet. You could also look at the repair manual for more information.


Living in an RV is exciting but also difficult, especially if you have toilet issues. The best thing to do is fix it immediately if it is repairable or simply replace it with a new one.

We hope this article has been helpful if you have a Thetford Bravura toilet and want to know how to remove a Thetford RV toilet.

Nonetheless, keeping your toilet in good condition is essential. You may want to consult the Thetford RV toilet manual for a better experience

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