Gaslow Single Bottle R67 11KG Ultimate Kit





This Gaslow Single Bottle 11KG Ultimate kit has been put together for users who have limited space constraints in they’re gas lockers. This system can even be later upgraded to a twin bottle system if needs be.

For more information about Gaslow Parts and Motorhome accessories please view the brochure (downloadable link).

The Gaslow Single Bottle 11KG Ultimate Kit is a preconfigured kit for peace of mind  – this kit is effectively ready to be put together and be used. The kit features a stainless steel hose to reduce risk of regulator failure and several continental adaptors.

When ordering please specify which coloured filler you’d like and whether you’d like the 600mm long filler or 1.5mm long filler (Longer 1.5m version needed if you are mounting the filler in the side / skirt of the van rather than inside the locker) using the drop down menus above and whether you’d require a filling point mounting bracket (Required if mounting filler inside gas locker).

Gaslow Single Bottle R67 11KG Premium Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Gaslow R67 11KG Bottle No.1
  • 1 x 21.8 LH Gaslow Rubber Butane Hose 0.45m (01-6010)
  • 1 X Black or White Filling Kit
  • 1 X Euro LPG Adaptor
  • 1 X LPG Adaptor for France / Italy
  • 1 x Spanish LPG adaptor – 01-4305

Break down of the Gaslow Single Bottle 11KG Premium Kit:

1 x R67 11KG Gaslow Bottle No. 1

One 11KG bottle from Gaslow, these are the new and current stock range from Gaslow and because these are the latest bottles they are also lighter, take up less room as the tall top collar has been removed (replaced by a smaller side collar handle) and feature gauges.

1 x White or Black Gaslow Filling Kit

This enables your Gaslow system to be refilled direct from a LPG pump at a fuel station, on its own it can be fitted at the side of your Motorhome or Caravan, or mounted in the gas locker using the Gaslow Filling Point Mount Bracket. These come in two different sizes and colours, Black or White and 0.6M and 1.5M.

1 x France & Italy, 1 x Euro Adaptor and 1 x Spanish Adaptor

The France & Italy and Euro adaptors allow continental use of your Gaslow system, never need to worry about finding bottles – just pull up,screw in the relevant adaptor, fill up and drive out.

1 x 21.8 LH 0.45m Butane Hose (01-6010)

Gaslow Rubber hoses are built current standards and feature crimped ends.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 83 × 62 × 120 cm


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