Top 5 Prime Time Crusader Problems

prime time crusader problems

The Prime Time Crusader is one of the best fifth wheels because of its modern design and durability. However, like any other RVs, it comes with a few mishaps.

You can expect some water leaks on the pipes, a fading front cap, and poor cooling capacity. The water heater may not work with an electric hookup, and the RV may not level properly.

The good news is that you can apply a few easy solutions to resolve these Prime Time Crusader problems.

Common Problems With Prime Time Crusader

Here are some common issues that you might face when using a Prime Time Crusader RV, with solutions you can apply.

1. Water Leaks


Like any other RV, one of the common problems when owning a Prime Time Crusader is water leaks in the awning and pipes. Water will flood your awning and leak into your ceiling when the shower drain pan moves out of place.

  • To fix this problem, make sure to attach the pan to the drain pipe properly.

According to a user from the Forest River Forum, sewage water can also leak on the front of the 355BHQ Crusader unit when the black water drain valve gets broken.

  • The best solution is to replace the old black water drain valve.

The pee trap underneath your kitchen sink can also cause leaks and create damage to the subfloor.

  • To prevent this type of water damage, constantly check the pipe and patch any holes with a sealant. Ensure the plumbing is angled properly as well.

2. Water Heater Not Working

Many Prime Time Crusader reviews also mention water heating problems. The water heater seems to work with propane but not on electricity. In an excerpt from RV Forum, locating the electrical switch is even a difficult task.

The Time Crusader has an instrument panel with flame and lightning bolt signs. The flame indicates the gas switch, while the lightning bolt represents the electrical switch.

  • If you want an electrical hookup for your water heater, simply press the lightning bolt switch.
  • Make sure that you have enough water in the tank when you run the electrical hookup. If not, you have a high chance of frying the heating element.
  • In case the water heater still doesn’t work, the problem may be a blown fuse/breaker, a faulty thermostat, or leaky pipes. Replace all damaged components and adjust the thermostat if it’s at the wrong temperature.

3. Poor Cooling Capacity


For some users, the air conditioner (AC) of their Prime Time Crusader seems insufficient to cool the whole interior in hot weather.

A user on RV Forum shares that the AC of the 2022 Crusader 335 RLP produces warmer return air than it’s supposed to.

  • The best possible solution is to add an AC unit to the rig. You can place the second AC in the area where the temperature feels the warmest.
  • These RV units tend to use low quality insulation materials, so consider revamping them. Instead of using the standard duct tape around the vents, replace it with an HVAC metal foil tape, which is stronger and more adhesive.
  • When parking, look for a shadier area. Never park directly under the full sun because the RV is going to absorb all the heat. Also, make sure you always close all the shades and windows to block the heat from outside.

4. Fading Front Cap


The exterior of Prime Time Crusader is excellent, except for the front cap. If you have the 2016 Prime Time Crusader model, you might see the dark brown cap fading and cracking easily.

  • The quickest solution is to repaint the cap with a clear coat. Before painting, make sure to repair the cracks to achieve a smooth finish. If the cracks are impossible to repair, replace the old cap with a new one.

5. Questionable Leveling System


The level system of Prime Crusader is a bit tricky. It’s automatic, but many complain about the tires rising off the ground, which puts the RV in an off position.

  • To maximize the auto-leveling system, calibrate it first before use. Check the manual of your Prime Time model to learn how to calibrate properly. In the manual instructions, you’ll need to work the jacks to level the RV at zero-point stability.


Now that you know the common Prime Time Crusader problems, you can be aware of the possible solutions you can apply in the future. Fortunately, these problems are easy to address.

If you have the Crusader under warranty, you can get the problematic parts repaired or replaced without any costs.

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