Oyster V 85cm Vision AutoSkew Twin LNB Satellite System





What’s the difference between the Oyster V Vision and standard Oyster Vision systems?

  • Ultra-low profile – a new design means a lower and sleeker system that folds neatly away with a total height of 17cm when stowed.
  • Improved search system – The Oyster V systems have a built-in GPS unit, 3G compass and inclination sensor. All of these combined means that the system can go straight to the satellite’s location, speeding search times and aiding change of reception. In addition to this the LNB can be automatically skewed to further help find a signal.
  • Smartphone updates – you can update any satellite frequencies using your compatible smartphone even when touring without having to worry about finding a dealer nearby.
  • Single cable install, much like the Oyster Vision systems however this is literally a single cable through the roof (Twin LNB versions will have two cables).

What variations/options are there available for the Oyster V Systems?

  • 65cm or 85cm Dish Face.
  • Single or Twin LNB.
  • Premium System option: as with other Oyster Systems you can order the Premium variation with a matching Avtex TV and do away with the control panel.

Dish dimensions: Ø 85 cm Height: ~ 17 cm

Weight: ~ 11 kg

Scope of supply: dish, control unit and operator panel, cable connection set, mounting plate, operating- and mounting instructions

3 years warranty and reliable service


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