Meerkat Trailer Problems and Troubleshooting

meerkat trailer problems

From problematic water systems, deteriorating rubber roofs, poor aerodynamics to minimal water supply, Meerkat trailer problems can hound owners.

These problems can be a headache, especially if you’re unaware of how to deal with them. But with the right knowledge, you can access the right solutions. Read on and learn some of the best ways to solve the most common issues.

Faulty Water Systems Empty tanks before long-term winter storage; find the leaks and seal them.
Poor Aerodynamics Change the tires and avoid overloading.
Roof Damage Regular cleaning, applying sealant on cracks, using a roof cover, mindful parking
Sliding Windows and Door Not Working Lubricate the parts, ensure proper alignment, gentle closing as a preventive measure
Minimal Water Capacity Bring extra water; refill the tank when water access is available.

Meerkat Trailer Issues and Solutions

Meerkat is one option worth considering if you’re looking for a lightweight trailer. Aside from the small design, it also does not have an air conditioner and comes with a small sleeping capacity and a small water tank, which all contribute to the minimal weight.

Like other brands, however, Meerkat is far from perfect. Here’s a quick look at several problems you might encounter, and more importantly, the best potential solutions.

1. Faulty Water Systems


Looking at Meerkat trailer reviews, one of the most common complaints is that the water system is prone to various problems.

You might find water leaks from the toilet or the pump, which can be a disaster when not addressed properly. The water pressure can also give owners a headache.

Many of these issues can happen during winter. Because of extremely low temperatures, the pump or pipe will freeze. Eventually, it can burst. The solution is to ensure the tanks are empty before winter storage.

Meanwhile, if the problem is from a leak, find the source. You can add a compression joint, which will cover the leak and ensure a tight connection between broken pipes. Applying a sealant to the source of the leak can also help.

2. Poor Aerodynamics


The concept of aerodynamics in travel trailers is all about airflow. Poor aerodynamics can lead to higher resistance or drag. In turn, it can result in poorer fuel economy, which can be an added cost to trailer ownership and usage in the long run.

In the case of Meerkat, the problem in aerodynamics is because of its design. It is wider and smaller at the front. Because of this, the towing vehicle must exert more effort to pull the trailer.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing much you can do about the design of the trailer. But if there’s one thing that might help, it would be choosing better tires and avoiding overloading your vehicle.

3. Roof Damage


The rubber roof of the trailer has its respective pros, but it also has shortcomings. For instance, some people might not like how it can be prone to water infiltration. And once water gets inside the trailer, there’s a higher chance of interior damage.

Like in many other situations, prevention is better than cure. So, make sure to keep the roof in pristine condition through regular cleaning. Once you see cracks, repair them immediately using a rubber sealant.

If you’re not using the trailer for a long time, cover the roof and park it somewhere there’s no risk of heavy falling objects.

4. Sliding Windows and Doors Not Working


You might also find yourself in a situation where the sliding doors and windows are not working as they should. It could be a result of deterioration over the years. Alternatively, damaged seals can also be the culprit.

Lubricating the moving parts can be an easy fix. Meanwhile, it could also be as simple as a misalignment issue, and all you must do is give the window or door a nudge so that it slides back in position.

To avoid future problems, be gentle when opening and closing the door or window.

5. Minimal Water Capacity


The size and weight of the Meerkat trailer are among its best assets, making it easy to tow. However, this design can also result in problems, such as a small water capacity during extended trips.

If you need a more abundant water supply, then you should consider filling and bringing extra jugs on your trips. Also, it would help to research your route and find places where you can have access to fresh water and refill.


Overall, the Meerkat trailer is lightweight and affordable, making it a great choice for people on a budget. But despite these benefits, you’ll encounter several Meerkat trailer problems, such as a limited water capacity, poor aerodynamics, and roof damage.

The good news is that the Meerkat issues can often be solved through quick DIY fixes. You don’t even need to spend big to address them.

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