How to Lock RV Door From the Inside? – 4 Methods

how to lock rv door from the inside

Sleeping in an RV can be a liberating and exciting experience. Nonetheless, many people can also be paranoid, especially regarding their safety.

What if an intruder breaks in while you’re sleeping? Or worse, what if you sleep with kids, and they accidentally open the door and leave it unattended while you’re in the middle of slumber?

For a safer experience, it’s a must that you learn how to lock RV door from the inside, and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in today’s post.

Ways to Lock RV Door From the Inside


Whether it’s for protecting your belongings, promoting privacy, or preventing children from getting out, the camper door lock is an important feature you’ll need to utilize.

Below is a quick guide on the methods you can use to secure RV door from inside.

1. Start by locking the deadbolt


Deadbolts are hard to beat when it comes to security, making them one of the most important features in an RV door. It doesn’t rely on a spring and instead uses a key or similar access control to lock and unlock.

Close the door gently. Once it’s closed, slide the lever or knob of the deadbolt into the locked position.

2. Close the handle lock


Aside from the deadbolt, most RVs will also come with a handle lock, which will double the security. Before you close the RV door, look for the handle lock and ensure it isn’t engaged.

After closing the door, pull the handle and lock. If someone is outside, it is possible to test if it’s locked by repeatedly turning the handle and seeing if the door will open.

3. Use a keyless lock


If you’re looking for high-security RV door locks, it might be worth considering investing in aftermarket locks. Among others, a convenient option would be keyless. In most cases, it comes with a key fob, which makes it easy to lock and unlock even at a distance.

4. Install an RV security bar


Another great option for RV security locks is a door bar. While it’s more commonly used in homes, installing one in your RV can also be a good idea. It’s a steel bar placed across the width of the door, which will prevent it from having the door opened.

Before wrapping up, however, note that locks aren’t enough. It would be easy to break in if you have a flimsy door, one made of inferior materials. So, the best thing to do is invest in a door made of durable materials and complement it with a good lock.


Knowing how to lock RV door from the inside is basic knowledge every RVer must know. You can do so using the deadbolt and handle locks. In addition, you can also install after-market accessories, including a door bar.

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