9 InTech Sol Horizon Problems You May Encounter

intech sol horizon problems

Being a small 19-foot travel trailer, the inTech Sol Horizon RV is often limiting in terms of space. Other than that, it could also experience insulation, plumbing, AC noise, and condensation problems.

Here are the 9 most common inTech Sol Horizon problems you may encounter with your travel trailer.

Common Problems With InTech Sol Horizon

The inTech Sol Horizon will most likely experience the same common problems found in other RVs. However, the main issues that people usually face with this small trailer are the following:

1. Limited Bed Space


Although this inTech trailer comes with a queen-sized bed, it still feels very compact because it’s surrounded by three full walls.

The space where you’re supposed to enter and exit the bed is also half of the bed’s length, since the bathroom wall and the sink countertop block the entryway.

  • Solution: Consider having some bedroom modifications and opting for a smaller-sized bed. You may also remove any obstructions within the sleeping area, such as the wall-mounted tables beside the bed to free up more space.

2. Lack of Kitchen Counter Space


One of the inTech trailer problems is the lack of kitchen counter space inside the RV.

The inTech Sol Horizon has two main kitchen components – the sink and the stove. There’s no place for you to prepare the food, chop your vegetables, etc. You have a mini fridge and a microwave on top of it, though.

  • Solution: Since it’s a small space, you can do all your meal preparations on the small dining table or “dinette” instead.

3. Limited Space to Store Clothes


There’s no full-sized closet in the inTech Sol RV. There are storage cabinets available, but they’re not really the most convenient way to store your clothing, as stacking is difficult and using the built-in hanger can reduce your bed space.

  • Solution: Roll your clothes before putting them in the cabinets. You can also buy some child-sized hangers to save space.

4. Limited Storage Space

Other than closet space, another problem is the limited storage space overall. You don’t have areas to put extra tires or plumbing equipment.

  • Solution: For these kinds of inTech RV problems, you may want to put bulky tools and equipment on your tow vehicle instead.

5. Easily Broken Window Blinds


Most RV owners experience their window blinds breaking after 5 to 6 months of use. These are mostly due to the constant opening and closing of the blinds, direct sun exposure, and the low-quality materials used.

  • Solution: Once you see one or two slats that are not in good condition, screw them at once. If the strings break, replace them with strong fishing lines. Take advantage of your warranty if it’s still valid, as well.

6. Insulation Problems


The inTech Sol Horizon RV doesn’t have enough insulation to keep the interior warm. This means that whatever the temperature outside is, the temperature inside the vehicle will be similar. This makes wintertime rough.

  • Solution: For DIY tricks, a layer of thick blankets on your walls or pillows would do. Another option would be to add a reflective layer to your wall.

7. Plumbing Problems

Because this inTech trailer doesn’t have enough insulation, the RV water tanks and pipes might break and leak. This happens when the weather is very cold, especially under freezing temperatures.

  • Solution:

Always check your plumbing and make sure that all seams, doors, and windows are intact.

Seal these with RV thread tapes and sealants to keep the connections tight. Patch all holes and cracks as well.

When storing the camper during wintertime, winterize it beforehand.

8. AC Noise Problems


Aside from insulation problems, you may encounter AC noise when the weather is too hot.

If your air conditioner is producing too much noise, it’s a sign of an internal problem. It could be a faulty motor fan, blower fan, dirty air filter and coil, high compressor pressure, or refrigerant leaks.

  • Solution: Check all the parts of your RV’s air conditioner. If you suspect that something is wrong, turn it off. Call a technician and let them handle it from there.

9. CondensationProblems


Many Horizon RV owners would complain about condensation problems. This causes water droplets to appear inside your camper van, and is especially bothersome when the water drops on your bed while you’re sleeping and causes unwanted wet spots.

It may also cause some puddles to form on your interior flooring.

  • Solution: Turn off your AC from time to time and open your roof exhaust in the morning. You can also buy a dehumidifier to lessen the humidity inside your trailer.


Most inTech Sol Horizon problems are due to limited space. But they may also be because of poor design regarding insulation, plumbing, and AC.

You don’t have to worry, though, as these are common problems in all kinds of RVs that are straightforward to fix.

Just keep these issues in mind and prepare before you go on a road adventure with your inTech Sol Horizon! Have a happy trip!

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