How Wide is an RV Door? (Width, Height, and More)

How Wide is an RV Door

Whether you are renovating an RV or thinking of how furniture would fit when you need to bring it in, it’s important that you learn how wide is an RV door.

On average, the width of an RV entryway ranges from 24 to 30 inches, although several factors will affect this estimate, such as the specific brand or model of your motorhome.

Keep on reading, and let’s talk more about RV door size, specifically its width. Many people do not pay attention to RV door dimensions despite their importance.

Standard Size of an RV Door


First of all, there is no “standard” definition of how wide the RV door should be. So, when saying standard, we must instead look at the average size of most entryways. Generally speaking, most doors will have a width of 24 to 30 inches.

Now, since we’re already on the topic of standard door sizes, let’s talk about height and thickness as well. Like the width, these can vary from one motorhome to another, but the average height ranges from 66 to 78 inches, while the thickness is often 1.5 inches.

Factors Affecting RV Door Width

You might be curious why RV doors do not have the same sizes. Well, it could be because of different factors, including those briefly mentioned below:

1. Brand and Model


It’s common for newer models to have wide doors. One reason for this is that contemporary RVs are built to offer more generous living space, so you can expect the doors to be taller and wider as well.

2. Material


The specific material used in an RV door affects not only aesthetics and durability but also its width. In most instances, stronger materials tend to go with wider door frames.

3. Type of Door

Hinged and swing-out doors are often wider compared to their sliding and pocket counterparts. The width of sliding and pocket doors usually ranges from 24 to 30 inches, while hinged and swing-out doors are up to 36 inches.

Meanwhile, when talking about the type of door, it’s also important that we look at where it’s installed. In the discussions earlier, we talked about the RV entry door.

The RV interior door is often smaller. For example, the average width of an RV bathroom door is 18 to 24 inches, while the access or luggage door may be much smaller or bigger, at 6 to 70 inches.

4. Type of RV

Smaller RVs have smaller doors. For instance, a pop-up trailer’s door has an average width of 24 inches. On the other hand, when it comes to class B and travel trailer door size, the width can be up to 30 inches.

Other vehicles, namely fifth wheels and toy haulers, have entryways measuring up to 34 inches. Class A RV doors can extend up to 36 inches while for class C ones, it’s up to 32 inches.

How to Measure the Width of an RV Door


As noted, the numbers mentioned above are mere averages. If you want to be sure about the specific width of the door in your RV, the best thing you can do is measure it yourself.

You’ll need a measuring tape, which you should run from one end of the door to the other, but not including the frame.


So, how wide is an RV door? As we said above, it can be 24 to 30 inches, but it’s not unusual to have a width that’s larger than that. The type of RV, make and model, and door construction are some factors that will directly impact the width.

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