Hankook Vantra vs Goodyear Endurance Comparison

hankook vantra vs goodyear endurance

The RVing community is abuzz, with owners split between Hankook Vantra vs Goodyear Endurance trailer tires. Although Endurance predates Vantra by several years, these tires are nearly identical. Choosing either is not uncommon.

Look at this summary table and tell us what you think.

Hankook Vantra 225/75R15 Goodyear Endurance 225/75R15
Maximum load 2,830 pounds 2,830 pounds
Load index E (10-ply, 80 PSI) E (10-ply, 80 PSI)
Speed rating N (87 MPH) N (87 MPH)
Durability High Very high
Performance High Very high
Control High Moderate
Warranty 6 years 6 years
Country of origin South Korea US

We can assume these two trailer tires are on equal footing. However, they have subtle variances we’ll explore in this Goodyear vs Hankook comparison.


Goodyear has the upper hand in brand following, performance, and overall quality. However, Hankook is slowly catching up to the global tire industry giants.

Here’s what we know about these two trailer tires.

1. Hankook Vantra


Hankook entered the global tire industry some four decades after Goodyear in 1941. And although the brand doesn’t consider it the best, it recognizes its place at the top with its forward-looking tire innovations. One of these technological masterpieces is the Vantra (i,e., ST01).

These tires are available in two models – Vantra Trailer Standard and Vantra Trailer High-Load (the Hankook Vantra Trailer TH31).

Standard Vantras come in nine sizes, ranging from 175/80R13 to 255/85R16. The High-Load series has three versions – ST225/90R16, ST235/80R16, and ST235/85R16.

RVers and trailer owners often ask, “Is Hankook a good tire?”

Let’s consider the 225/75R15 model to determine Hankook’s bearing.

  • Load capacity – Identical weight-bearing capability at 2,830 pounds per tire.
  • Load index – Similar load range rating of E, with a maximum 80-PSI tire inflation and a 10-ply construction.
  • Speed rating – Matching N speed rating, allowing drivers to take their trailers up to 87 MPH without worrying about safety issues.
  • Warranty – Both tire manufacturers offer a six-year coverage.

2. Goodyear Endurance


For the past six years, Goodyear has been wowing the RV community with its all-capable, high-performance tire workhorse, the Endurance. These rubbers aren’t only for motorhome owners. Goodyear designed the Endurance with hobbyists in mind.

  • Anyone with toy haulers who need a platform for towing their snowmobiles, ski boats, and jet skis relies on Endurance to carry them around. Towing and hauling contractors and workers also love the Endurance.
  • The American brand Goodyear Endurance series offers many innovations that remain largely unmatched. It has exceptional tire-cooling technologies without undermining its heavy load capabilities.
  • Although most trailer owners pick a 225/75R15 size, you have six other variants to select from. These range from 205/75R14 to 235/85R16.

These ratings suggest that Hankook Vantra is Endurance’s equal, at least on paper. We know that American brands have a slight edge over non-American products.

And although these differences aren’t glaring on the Vantra vs. Endurance spectrum, such variances exist.

Differences between Hankook Vantra and Goodyear Endurance

Let’s explore the subtle differences between Goodyear Endurance and Hankook Vantra tires.

1. Tread Life


The consensus is that trailer tires last longer than their counterparts in passenger vehicles (i.e., cars and buses) and the reason is simply because we don’t haul our trailers every day (unless it’s your job).

Any trailer tire review will say that Endurance and Vantra trailer tires have exceptional tread life. They last several years longer than other brands (thanks to their material construction and tread design).

Observing proper care and maintenance can improve Vantra and Endurance tires’ tread longevity from about three or four years or even nine years if maintained well.

So, they aren’t different? On paper, no. In real life, they differ. Unfortunately, there’s no telling which tire tread will wear faster. Everything depends on who’s behind the wheel and the driving conditions.

2. Performance


No clear-cut winners exist in the tread wear category. Performance-wise, Goodyear relies on its tradition of excellence to create better tire innovations than Hankook does.

Although both tires have an all-season design, Vantra works best on highways. Meanwhile, Endurance is at home with paved roads as it does off-road. This difference gives Goodyear Endurance tires a slight edge over Vantras.

3. Industry Ranking


Goodyear ranks third behind Michelin and Bridgestone among global tire manufacturers. Meanwhile, Hankook is a distant seventh behind Germany’s Continental, Japan’s Sumitomo, and Italy’s Pirelli.

These rankings aren’t surprising. After all, the top one and three have been around since the 19th century (Michelin in 1889 and Goodyear in 1898). Bridgestone predates Hankook by only a decade (1931 vs. 1941) in Fukuoka, Japan.

Still, having a headstart in a competitive industry is an edge. Thankfully, seventh place isn’t too far off the leaders’ pace.

4. Price

Hankook Vantra is slightly more affordable than Goodyear Endurance tires. For example, the company’s 225/75R15 only costs about $165 to $170 apiece. Meanwhile, a similarly sized Endurance tire will set you back by $180 to $185.

The slightly more affordable Hankook Vantra offers better value. Only minute differences separate this tire from the Endurance. It’s robust, reliable, and durable. The tire’s performance is also admirable, although not so much in off-road scenarios.

Pros and Cons

Hankook Vantra Goodyear Endurance
Pros ● Company known for innovation

● Excellent tread life

● More affordable

● Third best tire manufacturer

● Unmatched tread life

● Exceptional performance, even in off-road conditions

Cons ● Not recommended for off-road adventures ● Slightly pricey

Which is Better?


You’ll never go wrong with either Endurance or Vantra doing the heavy lifting in your trailer. Both tires are exceptional, enjoying a positive trailer tires rating. However, Endurance has a more well-rounded performance, while Vantra’s ace is its affordability.

Please consider the following when buying a trailer tire.

  • Trailer specificity – As a rule, new tires must be identical to the original set on your vehicle (or trailer). Hence, you might want to check the trailer tire specifications. Focus on the tire type, speed rating, aspect ratio, tread width, diameter, load index, and other parameters.
  • When to use the trailer – Will you be hauling stuff in winter when the road is icy and slippery? How about the summer, when the pavement could be dry and hot? Choose your tires well to account for surface temperature variations.
  • Where to use the trailer – Driving on paved roads is easier than off-road. Hauling your trailer on highways requires a different set of tires than what you need in the city.
  • How to use the trailer – Do you prefer comfort over speed? Or is it the reverse? Driving styles require different tire speed ratings.


We find it pointless to take sides in the Hankook Vantra vs Goodyear Endurance debate. Although Goodyear has a more stellar track record (having been established in 1898), Hankook doesn’t let its guard down in introducing world-class innovations to its tires.

Endurance edges Vantra in brand following (ranked third vs. 7th spot). Its off-road performance is also more pronounced than the 2021 Hankook creation. The only point going against Endurance is its price. But hey, the price differential is not too great (only about ten to fifteen dollars).

Regardless, Endurance and Vantra are excellent choices for a travel trailer.

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