5 Gulfstream Vista Cruiser Problems You Should Know

gulfstream vista cruiser problems

The Gulfstream Vista Cruiser line provides a variety of amenities and floor plans for camping and RVing, making it one of the most popular travel trailers.

However, Gulfstream Vista Cruiser problems can still develop over time and use, so you must be aware of them to get back on the road promptly.

Several issues of the Vista Cruiser include water leaks, poor insulation, and low storage capacities. Like any other campers, you may experience some electrical failures along the road. The axles may not be up for a heavy task if you plan to own an older model.

Common RV Issues in Gulfstream Vista Cruiser

Fortunately, the issues of Gulfstream Vista Cruises are easy to solve. Here are some prevention measures and solutions you can apply to every problem.

Gulfstream Vista Cruiser Issues Solutions/Prevention
Water Leaks Reseal doors and windows; fill roof cracks with tape.
Low Storage Capacity Determine the real cargo capacity minus the tongue weight; pack light.
Poor Insulation Install foam boards or havelock wool in walls, patch cracks in ceiling, and use double-pane windows with blinds.
Unreliable Electrical Systems Check wiring and other electrical components, upgrade fuse panel systems, or ask an RV electrician.
Low-Quality Axles Choose a Vista Cruiser model with a double-axle system.

1. Water Leaks


According to many reviews, Vista Cruisers are vulnerable to water leaks and seepage. The seals around the windows and doors are not that strong, so vibration from travel and frequent opening can break them over time.

The ceiling and roof are other vulnerable spots for water leakage in this camper as well.

You can easily spot a potential leakage when you see stains or soft spots around these openings after rain or washing the exterior. A quick fix is to reseal the windows and doors with a flexible caulk that withstands sun and water exposure.

Fill the cracks in the roof sealant with butyl tape or adhesive.

2. Low Cargo Capacity

Gulfstream Vista Cruiser 19BFD model floor plan

With their height and width, all travel trailers can run into problems staying stable while traveling. This is especially true if you load the Vista Cruiser with too much cargo. The problem with Vista, especially the 19BFD model, is that it leaves little weight for storage.

The factory includes the tongue weight in cargo capacity, making it appear higher than usual. You need to determine the real cargo capacity to prevent the frame from bending due to overload. Also, consider packing light when boondocking.

3. Poor Insulation

If you want to travel during winter, the Gulfstream Vista Cruiser might leave you freezing. The RV interior seems to be poorly insulated in the walls and ceiling because it only uses a flimsy material that looks like packing foil.

Additionally, the single-pane windows provide no insulation value.

To keep your RV interior warm, consider adding foam boards or havelock wool behind the walls and seal cracks on the ceilings. You can replace the original windows with a double-pane type with blinds to keep the RV warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

4. Unreliable Electrical Systems


Like any other RVs, the Vista Cruiser is also susceptible to electrical problems. There may be no 12V outlet for a dual-power TV, so drivers will have to do the wiring themselves.

Constant vibration during travel can also deteriorate the wiring insulation, causing outages to happen and the appliances to not work properly.

You can check your breakers, wiring connections, and fuses if you have the know-how in electronics.

If you’re uncomfortable handling electrical issues, seek the help of a certified RV electrician. Also, consider upgrading to a more reliable fuse panel system to prevent shorts and other electrical failures.

5. Low-Quality Axles

2022 Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser 23RSS

If you plan to purchase a Gulfstream Vista Cruiser model that’s made before 2012, then you’ll probably encounter some axle problems. The problem with the older Vista models is that they installed some low-rated axles that can’t support a high cargo capacity. When you carry a high load, the tires tend to wear out at only a few thousand miles.

The best solution is to beware of the older Vista Cruiser models. Look for a model with a double axle to hold up well with heavy cargo. If you own an old model, check the cargo capacity of the camper and don’t go beyond that.


Gulfstream Vista Cruiser problems are easy to resolve with awareness of vulnerabilities and attention to preventive maintenance. Always consult a professional when you don’t know how to troubleshoot the problem. If you’re skilled, you can get the repairs done by yourself.

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