Gaslow Bottle Systems

What are the advantages of Gaslow Refillable LPG Bottles?

In a word convenience!

When travelling on the continent there are numerous bottles types and none of them are interchangeable, using Gaslow refillable bottles dispenses with hunting around for a suitable bottle in every country.

No more lifting heavy gas bottles in and out of your motorhome / caravan as Gaslow bottles stay inside your locker at all times.

No more worries about running out of gas and LPG Autogas is considerably cheaper than standard bottled gas.

With Gaslow bottles they are transferrable meaning when you sell your van, you simply take the bottles with you to your new motorhome or caravan :).

Gaslow kits can be installed as a DIY option or we can fit for you either at our Exmouth workshop or mobile nationwide.

Gaslow bottles can be trialled by simply buying a single refillable bottle to run alongside your standard non refillable one.

Postage for Gaslow bottles and accessories is capped at £12 maximum.

Confused finding a Gaslow System suitable for you?
Either try our Gaslow Technical Articles or our Gaslow System Finder.

We also sell Alugas bottle kits which are manufactured from Aluminium and so are much lighter in weight if that is a consideration for Payload etc.

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