Gaslow Dual 11KG R67 37Mb Premium Kit

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Gaslow Dual 11KG R67 37Mb Premium Kit

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Gaslow Dual 11KG R67 37Mb Premium Kit

Motorhomes and caravans have standardised the working pressure in Europe to 30mbar regardless of gas type. The UK Caravan and Motorhome industry started fitting these as standard from 2004.

Gaslow R67 Bottles are new for 2014 and have many new and important features including: Mechanically accurate contents gauge, excess flow valve to prevent full flow of gas if the hose ruptures, internal filter, 10 year warranty and R67 approved.

You can ascertain if your van has the older 28mb Butane / 37Mb Propane setup on your van or the newer 30mb setup easily. If your regulator is attached to the top of your gas bottle then you are on the older system, if your regulator is a fixed bulkhead mounted regulator with pigtails that fit to the bottles then you are on the new 30mb system

For more information about Gaslow Parts and Motorhome accessories please view the 2009 brochure (downloadable link).

The Gaslow 30mb Premium Kit is a preconfigured kit for peace of mind selection and installation – this kit is effectively ready to be put together and used. The kit features rubber hoses as well as a manual changeover valve to provide an easy and smooth transition between switching bottles without using any tools as well as removing the need to spend too much time outside of your motorhome or caravan during the night or in inclement weather conditions.

This Gaslow system kit can be used if your van has a new type 30mb Gas installation (Look inside Gas locker and see if your regular is bulkead mounted and fixed instead of the older system where the regulator was on the end of a rubber hose and clipped onto the bottle itself).

When ordering please specify which coloured filler you’d like and whether you’d like the 600mm long filler or 1.5mm long filler (Longer 1.5m version needed if you are mounting the filler in the side / skirt of the van rather than inside the locker) using the drop down menus above and whether you’d require a filling point mounting bracket (Required if mounting filler inside gas locker).

The Gaslow Dual 11KG Premium Kit includes:

Break down of the Gaslow Refillable 37Mb Kit:

1 x 11KG R67 Gaslow Bottle No. 1 and 1 x 11KG R67 Gaslow Bottle No. 2

A pair of 11KG bottles from Gaslow, these are the new and current stock range from Gaslow and because these are the latest bottles they are also lighter, take up less room as the tall top collar has been removed (replaced by a smaller side collar handle) and feature gauges.

Gaslow Dual 11KG Premium Kit - two Gaslow 11KG bottles


 1 x Gaslow 2nd Cylinder Connection Hose

 This is the stainless steel hose connecting the two Gaslow bottles together allowing them to be filled at the same time.

 Gaslow Dual 11KG Premium Kit - Gaslow 2nd cylinder connection hose


1 x Right Angle Adaptor for second Gaslow Bottle

This adaptor prevents dangerous kinking of the refill hoses, and should also be used where there is also very little clearance above the Gaslow bottles (<13cm) in smaller/lower gas lockers.

Gaslow Dual 11KG Premium Kit - Low gas locker in your motorhome - avoid kinking with this Gaslow 90 degree adaptor


1 x White or Black Gaslow Filling Kit

This enables your Gaslow system to be refilled direct from a LPG pump at a fuel station, on its own it can be fitted at the side of your Motorhome or Caravan, or mounted in the gas locker using the Gaslow Filling Point Mount Bracket. These come in two different sizes and colours, Black or White and 0.6M and 1.5M.

Gaslow Dual 11KG Premium Kit - Gaslow filling kits - choose your length for your Gaslow kit


1 x France & Italy, 1 x Euro Adaptor and 1 x Spanish Adaptor

The France & Italy and Euro adaptors allow continental use of your Gaslow system, never need to worry about finding bottles - just pull up,screw in the relevant adaptor, fill up and drive out.

Gaslow Dual 11KG Premium Kit - Euro and France Italy adaptors for your Gaslow LPG system


2 x 21.8 LH 0.45m Butane Hose (01-6010)

Gaslow Stainless hoses are built current standards and feature crimped ends.

Gaslow Premium Kit - Rubber hoses last 5 years, have you concidered stainless steel hoses



1 x Gaslow Refillable 37mbar Manual Changeover Valve (01-1650)

This is the standard Gaslow manual changeover valve for 30mbar systems in modern motorhomes.

Gaslow Premium Kit 37mb Manual Changeover




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  • Bottle Size: 11 Kg
  • Changeover Type: Manual
  • Continental Adaptors Required: No
  • No. Of Bottles: Two
  • Regulator Pressure: 37 mbar
  • Stainless Steel Hoses: No
  • Warranty: 0 Years

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