Gas Adapters

We stock a wide range of Gaslow / GOK etc Adapters for continental use, be it french gas bottles or LPG adaptors or filling kit adapters we stock them.

20mm clip-on regulator other UK and French to 21.8 LH 01-1672

2nd Cylinder Right Angle Adapter 01-4210

European Adapter Pack With Discount

Gaslow 21mm Clip On Adaptor 01-1670

Gaslow 27mm clip-on BP Gaslite to 21.8 LH 01-1673

Gaslow 27mm clip-on regulator LeCube to 21.8 LH 01-1673-T

Gaslow 28mbar Butane Regulator

Gaslow 3 Way Fill Adapter

Gaslow Butane 21.8 Adapter Gauge

Gaslow Camping Gaz Adapter 01-1665

Gaslow Continental Fill Adapter Holder

Gaslow Drive Safe Adapter

Gaslow Easy-fit Adapter 01-1674

Gaslow Fill Adapter Holder 01-4165

Gaslow Filler Hose T-Adapter

Gaslow German/Dutch Cylinder Adapter

Gaslow Jumbo Adapter 01-1671

Gaslow Propane 21.8LH Adapter Gauge

Gaslow Refillable Propane Adapter 21.8LH to UK

Gaslow Remote Appliance Adapter 01-1678

Gaslow Right Angle 21.8LH Adapter

Gaslow Swedish/Belgian Adapter

Gaslow W20 Adaptor Gauge for 30mbar Regulator

Gaslow W20 Blanking Cap

Gaslow W20 Regulator Adaptor 01-1677 RT Angle

Hose Extender 01-1675

LPG Filling Adapter – France / Italy

LPG Filling Point Euro Adapter

LPG Spanish Filling Adapter

Propane Adapter with Gauge 01-4330