Flagstaff Super Lite Problems and Solutions

flagstaff super lite problems

The Flagstaff Super Lite is a lightweight, value-priced travel trailer built for budget-conscious travelers who want to enjoy convenience on the open road. But like any recreational vehicle, you may face a few Flagstaff Super Lite problems along the way.

A common problem is water leakage, where water can cause damage to the walls and floors. You can also expect some electrical problems, slide-out malfunction, and poor subfloor quality when using the RV.

When it comes to the vehicle’s water heater, you might only be able to use it on propane.

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Problems With Flagstaff Super Lite Travel Trailers

The problems of Flagstaff Super Lite by Forest River are quite common and easy to resolve. Here’s what you can do when you face any of the Flagstaff issues below.

Flagstaff Super Lite Problems Solutions
Water Leaks Apply a high-quality seal or caulk. Hire a plumber to check and repair pipes.
Electrical Problems Replace the fuse converter or seek the help of an RV electrician.
Faulty Slide Out Mechanism Replace slideout fuse, check the motor, or lubricate electronic parts.
Poor Subfloor Quality Weld in more solid plywood or inject reinforcements.
Water Heater Only Works With Gas. Ensure the water heater is ON in the electric panel’s breaker.

1. Water Leaks


Moisture leakage inside the living quarters ranks among the top complaints of Flagstaff Super Lite users in many reviews.

Leaks often appear around the corners and seams, causing damage to the interior walls and cabinets. To solve this issue, consider upgrading the critical areas with a flexible RV sealant.

The seals around the windows, ceiling vents, and doors can also give out with constant bumps on the road. If you notice a leak, check these areas for any gaps or cracks. Apply a new seal or caulk to prevent moisture penetration.

In some cases, water leaks will appear on the floor. There are two reasons here — the loose gasket of the AC unit above or the plumbing underneath.

To ensure that no water drips from your plumbing lines, ensure all pipe connections are tight and repair the problematic line to help resolve persistent water leaks.

2. Electrical Problems

Source: forestriverforums.com

Faulty electrical systems plague many RV owners, and there’s no exemption for Flagstaff Super Lite users. Such problems may range from tripping breakers to flickering lights and appliance issues.

Your first action is to check the fuses to see whether they have blown out. Some Flagstaff Super Lite models have fuses on the converter, so consider replacing them to make your appliances run properly. Make sure that the converter is plugged into an outlet with good voltage (120VAC).

If the problem persists, you may need to replace the circuit boards and control panels in your rig. Handling these major electrical problems can be pretty daunting for a novice, so better consult an RV technician for your safety concerns.

3. Faulty Slide-Out Mechanism

The slideout fuse is often near the RV battery and inside the front storage compartment

One of the best features of Flagstaff Super Lite is the RV slide that extends and turns into a room for extra square footage.

However, the fuse that protects the slide-out rooms can fail. The slide may not extend or retract fully and, sometimes, you might hear some scraping sounds during operation.

I recommend replacing the broken slideout fuse, which is often near the RV battery and inside the front storage compartment.

While you’re at it, examine the motors, gears, and tracks of the room extensions. Lubricate the electrical components of the slide and replace any damaged parts. You might need to check the wiring to determine any damage.

4. Poor Subflooring Quality

Although the open floor plan is perfect, the subflooring doesn’t stand up to heavy traffic. The subfloor is a bit thin, making it prone to deteriorating over time. Some users complain about the subfloor failing under laminate, resulting in a spongy soft floor.

To harden the floor, you can try reinforcing it with solid plywood. Weld in a more durable stone-core laminate to make the floor capable of supporting the extra weight of people. You can also inject dowels in the depressed areas to make the floor evenly solid.

5. Water Heater Only Works With Gas


A water heater is one of the most important amenities when RVing during winter. Although the Flagstaff Super Lite has this feature, it’s very limiting that it only works on propane mode.

You’ll need a constant supply of gas if you want to enjoy a hot shower while traveling.

If your water heater is meant to work on electric mode, check the breaker in the electrical panel and ensure that the water heater is ON. Better yet, ask a professional to do the troubleshooting and repair for your water heater unit.


While inconvenient when they arise, nearly all common Flagstaff Super Lite problems can be successfully resolved by RV owners or technicians.

Pinpointing the source of the problem is essential to apply the proper solution. Of course, nothing beats some good preventive maintenance steps to improve trailer performance and longevity.

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