Fiamma Awnings

Fiamma awnings (marketed under the Fiammstore brand) have been the mainstay of the leisure industry covering both Caravan and Motorhome accessories markets with a highly regarded and sought after appeal for high quality and elegant and a simple easy to use design philosophy. Fiamma originally invented the case awning for Motorhomes and Caravans to provide a canopy where you can remain in the shade out of sight of the sun. Fiamma produce one of the only awning ranges that can be complimented/enhanced using the Fiamma side panels in order to create a camp room or privacy room providing privacy, shade and extra storage space whilst on site.

Fiamma’s Italian expert designers and engineers have created several market leading innovations including those of security, Auto-Lock and Dual Security as well as peace of mind when using the Fiamma awning support arms and secure locking of the telescopic awnings legs and not forgetting the extremely large array of Fiamma awning accessories including LED lighting and privacy rooms. Fiamma provide a wide range of awnings to suit your every need and desire.

Fiamma Awning Models Breakdown:

There are over 250 combinations of Fiamma Awnings to choose from and below we have a simple breakdown of each one either in text or table for your ease of understanding.

  • Fiamma F45S Awning – The most common of them all – typically fitted to the side of the motorhome (there are exceptions as there are different bracket options available) and generally fitted to Coachbuilt motorhomes. They offer the best value out of the range and come to you in an array of colours, lengths and outer case colours.
  • Fiamma F45L Awning- This is the same as the F45S however the “L” denotes that it is an enlarged version that is offered up to 5.5m long and generally comes to you with a few extra bits.
  • Fiamma F65S Awning – The F65S is strictly a roof mounted only awning – it is fitted using a bracket that sits on top of the roof. The F65S is generally found on either lower profile vehicles or Panel Van Conversions.  Now superceded by the F80 awnings (2019)
  • Fiamma F65L Awning – The F65L is a longer version of the F65S and offered in fewer colour combinations.
  • Fiamma ZIP Awning – This is essentially either an F45S or F45L with a ZIP system fitted from the factory and sold paired with an appropriate Privacy Room (this is a bit more expensive however much quicker to erect). If ordering online please check that you have measured your motorhome as it comes in several different heights and lengths to suit the height of the motorhome.
  • Fiamma Caravanstore ZIP Awning – This is again a combined awning and Privacy Room (using the ZIP system) option however the Fiamma Caravanstore style awning is a manual awning. A manual awning does not have a winch and is rolled out on a tube. These are installed into a gutter or C-Rail typically found on caravans.
  • Fiamma Caravanstore Awning – The Fiamma Caravanstore style awning is a manual awning (i.e.the awning does not have a winch and is rolled out on a tube by hand). These are installed into a gutter or C-Rail typically found on caravans.
  • Fiamma F35 Pro Awning – Similar to the Caravanstore in operation however it is contained in an aluminium case and uses brackets for installation instead – can be installed to SUV’s, Mini-Vans, Roof Racks and smaller size camper vans.

Awning Accessories:

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