Fiamma Aqua® 8 Pump 12V





The Fiamma Aqua® 8 Pump can pump water 3m vertically with no priming needed, complete with Silent Plate vibrations are kept to a bare minimum. The Fiamma Aqua® 8 Pump also has a stainless steel filter which prevents impurities from entering the pump and so helps sustain the life time of the pump.

Fiamma Aqua 8 Pump Features:

  • All parts of the pump that come in to contact with water are non-toxic.
  • The pump is resistant to limestone deposits and oxidation.
  • The film can be ran dry without damage.
  • The pump can operate in any position, recommended to be ran motor on top and head below to prevent damage in case of leak.

The Fiamma Aqua® 8 Pump is available in two different voltages, Aqua 8 12V and Aqua 8 24V.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 13 cm


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