Crystop Internet 85cm Automatic Satellite System


Crystop Internet 85cm Automatic Satellite System

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Crystop Internet 85cm Automatic Satellite System

The Crystop Internet 85 System (IPCopter) is ideally suited to those travelling through England, Wales, Ireland, Central and Southern Europe who want to have reliable access to the internet at all times.

The Crystop Internet 85 System has a large footprint covering all of Europe except Northern Scotland and Scandinavia - The IP Copter service has a variety of service packages (you can choose between 40 days during any one year, 100 days over two years or an unlimited annual package).

The standard Crystop Internet system is none autoskew, but autoskew facility is an optional extra priced at £350 inc vat

There's also a different range of upload/download bandwidth/speed rates.

Read the Crystop Internet 85 System (IPCopter) service information PDF Read the Crystop Internet 85 System (IPCopter) service information PDF.

Operating Voltage: 12V.
Dish Type: Off-set Oval Dish.
Dish Size: 85cm
L.N.B. Type: Internet LNB and Universal TV (suitable for both Digital and Analogue transmissions).
Mounting Method: Fixes to roof with Sikaflex and/or Screws.
Dish Colour: White.
Search Method: Can only be used when vehicle is stationary. Full automatic search for both internet and TV satellites.
Search Controller Dimensions: 200mm x 150mm x 65mm, control panel 120mm x 75mm x 25mm.
Typical Search Time (after first use): Less than one minute.
Satellite Search Options (varies with geographic location): Astra 2, Eurobird, Astra 1, Hotbird, Atlantic Bird 2, Atlantic Bird 3, Hispasat, Thor, Turksat, Hellassat, AStra 3A, Eutelsat W3 and Sirius.
Receiver Options: Can be used with any receiver, including Sky receivers.
Remote Control: No.
Weight (including motor): 20KG
Current Consumption (during search): Approx: 3 Amps.
Current Consumption (in use): 0 Amps.
Dish Height (when down): 19cm
Space Required (for installation and operation): Refer to image below: A = 1013mm, B = 800mm, C = 415 and D = 450mm.

1 Year on LNB / Newtec Modem.

Crystop Internet 85 System (IPCopter) Space Needed.

Crystop Internet 85 System (IPCopter) Service Information:

Kickoff service packages:

Kickoff packs include initial, one-off installation fee and must be ordered within 14 days of the Internet system being purchased.

Kickoff pack

One-off payment
inc. VAT


Saving over
regular price

Data Rate (Kbps - Downstream/Upstream)

 Standard 100

 449.50 Euros (£389.68)

 4.5 Euros (£3.91)

 75 Euros (£65.02)


 Executive 100

 649.50 Euros (£563.05)

 6.5 Euros (£5.64)

 205 Euros (£177.76)


 Standard flat

 649.50 Euros (£563.05)

 6.5 Euros (£5.64)

 120 Euros (£104.05)


Regular service packages:

Service package Upstream Data Rate (Kbit/s)  Downstream Data Rate (Kbit/s) Number
of days
One-off payment
inc. VAT
 Nomadic Eco Flat rate 1 year  80  512 365  1 year  399.99 Euros (£346.84)

 1.10 Euros (£0.96)

 Nomadic Standard Flat rate 1 year  128  1024  365  1 year  599.99 Euros (£520.26)  1.64 Euros (£1.43)
 Nomadic Executive Flat rate 1 year  128  2048  365  1 year  1243.55 Euros (£1077.99)  3.41 Euros (£2.96)
 Nomadic Standard 40 days  128  1024  40  1 year  210.00 Euros (£182.05)  5.25 Euros (£4.56)
 Nomadic Executive 40 days  128  2048  40  1 year

 435.00 Euros (£377.09)

 10.88 Euros (£9.44)
 Nomadic Standard 100 days  128  1024  100  2 years  355.00 Euros (£307.76)  3.55 Euros (£3.08)
 Nomadic Executive 100 days  128  2048  100  2 years  695.00 Euros (£602.51)  6.95 Euros (£6.03)

All prices converted to GBP (£) were up-to-date on 24/08/2009 (

Crystop Internet 85 System (IPCopter) Service Range:

Crystop Internet 85 System Coverage IPCopter Astra 2 Connect

Red: Coverage for the Astra 2 Connect service, Blue: Coverage for the IPCopter service (As with this System).

There is a one-off installation fee of 169.50 Euros, this is included in Kickoff packs. All IPcopter service packages must be paid for in advance. The information above is correct as at 24th August, 2009.

Visit for more information.

The area in which the IPcopter Internet service is available is shown below. When used with a Crystop 85cm satellite system, coverage includes all of the U.K. and Ireland, southern Scandinavia and most other European countries.

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  • Tracking: Automatic
  • Dish Size: 85 CM
  • Sat System Type: Auto Satellite Dish
  • Number of LNBs: 1
  • AutoSkew: No
  • Internet Capable: Yes
  • Weight: 20 KG
  • Lowered Height: 19 cm
  • Integrated Receiver: No
  • Warranty: 1 Years

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