7 Crossroads Zinger Problems and Solutions

crossroads zinger problems

When it comes to affordability and ease of use, the Crossroads Zinger travel trailer is a very popular choice. However, as with any RV, there are commonly reported Crossroads Zinger problems you should be aware of.

Reported issues include leaks, cracks on thin fiberglass walls, and slide-out malfunction. The hydraulic leveling jack can also pose a problem when stabilizing the RV. Other issues include poor wood components, electrical failures, and swaying while towing.

Crossroads Zinger Problems Solutions
Leaks Apply caulk or use protective awnings.
Thin Fiberglass Wall Apply epoxy filler products on cracks.
Slide-Out Malfunction Lubricate components regularly and ensure a functioning power source hookup.
Level Jack Malfunction De-grease the screw or use the aid of a bottle jack to lift the trailer.
Poor Wood Quality Reseal the underside of the trailer to prevent water damage and reinforce the floor.
Swaying Install anti-sway mechanisms, sway control systems, or proper distribution bars.
Electrical Problems Check fuses, breakers, power converters, and battery.

Common Issues in Crossroads Zinger RV

To help you get to know Crossroads Zinger RV more clearly, we’ll elaborate on its common issues and solutions below.

1. Leaks

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Like any other good trailer brand, the Crossroad Zinger RV can’t escape the dilemma of leaks during heavy rain.

This problem usually occurs when the seals deteriorate around the windows, doors, and roof fixtures due to constant element exposure.

Also, the corrugated siding makes the travel trailer susceptible to leaks as the seal gets loose easily, especially in the 2018 model.

The best way to prevent this problem is to carefully inspect the seals and reapply a high-quality RV caulk if damaged. You can also try to use protective awnings and covers when you park the RV for long periods.

If you can’t determine the source of the leak, pay for a pressure test. Increase the air pressure inside the travel trailer and cover the outside with soap. Any spot that bubbles is where the leak happens.

2. Thin Fiberglass Exterior Wall


The fiberglass exterior wall of Crossroads Zinger provides less drag on the road, but the build quality is a bit thin. Over time, these walls can develop cracks and show signs of damage if you’re not careful.

The good news is that this issue is often cosmetic, so you can repair the cracks with an epoxy filler product. For larger cracks, you might need to get professional help to prevent further exterior moisture damage.

3. Slide-Out Malfunction


Another common issue of Crossroads Zinger is its slide-out mechanism, which can get stuck sometimes. Wear or damage is often the common cause of the problem.

You typically need a professional to help you diagnose and repair slide issues. Get ready to spend on a few new parts, like cables, gears, and motors. To prevent major problems, lubricate the slide components and clean them regularly.

Sometimes, the slide won’t move due to power source issues. Make sure that you hook up to a fully charged battery. You can also check the external manual slide override and turn it once or twice to pull the slide out.

4. Leveling Jack Malfunction

Some Zinger owners also complain about the performance of the leveling jacks, which are used to stabilize the travel trailer when parked. Many report the jack slipping, while others experience their jacks failing to retract when wanted.

When you see these signs of malfunction, seek a professional to apply proper troubleshooting techniques and repair as soon as possible.

You can also try to de-grease the jack screw mechanism with a carb cleaner spray if the jack is slipping. When it doesn’t retract to lift your trailer, you can get help with a heavy-duty bottle jack.

5. Poor Wood Quality


The particle board floors, walls, and cabinets aren’t the best with the Zinger travel trailer.

To get to its low price point, the manufacturer seems to use cheaper wood components that are prone to delamination and water damage over time. The worst part is that the floor is held together with staples and some glue.

To keep your wood in good condition, address the water intrusion problem immediately. Make sure to reseal the underside of the RV annually to protect your floors and cabinets from water damage. You can also try to reinforce the floor with more wood.

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6. Swaying

As a lightweight travel trailer, the Zinger is easy to match up with any tow vehicle. However, heavy cargo or improper weight distribution can set the trailer in a swaying motion while driving.

To stabilize the Zinger in tow, use the correct hitch setup. Look for proper weight distribution bars and anti-sway mechanisms. You can also consider using a trailer sway control system to enjoy a safer and more comfortable towing experience.

7. Electrical Shorts and Failures

The Zinger also faces a few electrical problems like any other travel trailer out there.

These include faulty converters, ground faults, and an insufficient power supply.

For the 2006 model, the rig often has a voltage problem because different devices like lights and microwaves have varying volt requirements, and they won’t work if the converter and the wiring are inappropriate.

Since this issue involves electricity, you might want to hire a certified RV technician to examine the electrical system. If you’re skilled, you can check the breakers and fuses. Make sure that you’re hooked up with a good battery and a power converter.


While no RV is problem-free, being prompt with repairs and proactive about regular maintenance can help reduce many common Crossroads Zinger problems.

Make sure to do thorough walkthrough inspections between trips and address any problems as soon as possible. Following these tips can help you get the most enjoyment out of your Zinger purchase.

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