Caravan Batteries

Caravan Batteries

Caravan Batteries

We sell a range of Caravan leisure batteries suited for use on the move. Our range features various types of motorhome batteries including the Elecsol Carbon Fibre range, Elecsol AGM Carbon Fibre batteries and the Lead Acid Numax range.

By using our comparison table you can see which fits your caravan the best as well comparing weight and battery capacity.

 Caravan BatteryCapacity (Ah)Dimensions
(L x W x H mm)
Guarantee (Years)Maintenance Free?Weight (KG)
AGMElecsol EL105F105350 x 167 x 1807Elecsol EL105F AMG Battery is maintenance free24
Elecsol EL115F115328 x 172 x 2227Elecsol EL115F AMG Battery is maintenance free30
Elecsol EL135F135328 x 172 x 2227Elecsol EL135F AMG Battery is maintenance free33
Elecsol EL250F250522 x 240 x 2197Elecsol EL250F AMG Battery is maintenance free60
Carbon FibreElecsol 70Ah70242 x 175 x 1905Elecsol 70Ah Battery is maintenance free16.5
Elecsol 100Ah100278 x 175 x 1905Elecsol 100Ah Battery is maintenance free19.5
Elecsol 110Ah110353 x 175 x 1905Elecsol 110Ah Battery is maintenance free25.2
Elecsol 125Ah125344 x 172 x 2355Elecsol 70Ah Battery is maintenance free28.5
Elecsol 220 Ah220513 x 223 x 2235Elecsol 70Ah Battery is maintenance free49
Elecsol 270Ah270513 x 270 x 2705Elecsol 70Ah Battery is maintenance free60
Lead AcidNumax CXV24MF 12v 86Ah86257 x 172 x 2202-19
Numax CXV27MF 12v 96Ah96302 x 172 x 2202-23
Numax CXV30HMF 12v 113Ah113325 x 172 x 2202-24
Numax CXV30HRMF 12v 113Ah113325 x 172 x 2202-24
Numax CXV60MF 12v 170Ah170517 x 217 x 2252-47



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