8 Common Braxton Creek RV Problems & How to Avoid Them

braxton creek rv problems

Many people face similar problems with their Braxton Creek RVs, with the most common Braxton Creek RV problems being with the gas furnace, batter, water leaking, heating system, and more.

In this article, we’ll walk you through these issues and offer some simple troubleshooting tips and solutions:

Common Issues with Braxton Creek RVs


Owning a Braxton Creek RV opens up a world of adventures and unforgettable experiences. But just like any other vehicle, RVs can face some common problems that might put a damper on your camping fun.

1. Gas furnace problem


When you’re out camping in chilly weather, a malfunctioning gas furnace can be a real bummer.

In such cases, check the sail switch and the thermostat settings. You should also ensure the propane tank is connected and has enough propane.

If those fixes do not work, clear any obstructions around the furnace’s exhaust.

2. Wires melting


Imagine your lights flickering, or worse, your electrical appliances not working due to melted wires. This problem often occurs when too much power flows through the wires.

To prevent this, don’t overload your Braxton Creek Bushwhacker’s electrical system. You should check and replace frayed or damaged wires immediately.

To avoid overloading the electrical system, hire a professional to inspect the wires, especially when it smells like it’s already burning.

3. Poor battery life


If you notice your battery draining quickly, it could be due to old, faulty, or overcharged batteries, leaving lights on, running power-hungry gadgets without a break, or gas leak problems.

You should carry quality spare batteries and recharge them regularly to avoid any power woes.

Make sure to charge the battery regularly and minimize power usage when not needed.

Furthermore, routinely check and do proper maintenance on your batteries from time to time as well.

4. Problems with the water heater


If your water heater isn’t working correctly, it could be due to a faulty pilot light or a propane gas supply issue. Double-check your heater settings and ensure the gas supply is sufficient to get that warm shower going. Check for rust and holes as well.

Relight the pilot light if needed, check the temperature and gas supply, and consider having a professional inspect the heater.

5. Water leaks


Water leaks can occur due to poor and damaged seals, cracked pipes, wear and tear, or even a leaky roof.

Therefore, regularly inspect your RV for any signs of water intrusion and seal any gaps or cracks you find to keep your RV dry and comfy.

6. Ceiling light problem


Dim or flickering ceiling lights can take away from the ambiance of your RV. This issue often arises from loose connections or worn-out bulbs.

So, check your power supply, ensure your lights are properly screwed in, and replace any bulbs that have burned out. Then, tighten or replace light bulbs and connections as needed.

How about the RV lights flickering when multiple devices are plugged in?

It is due to too much power demand on the electrical system. Try using fewer devices at once or have a professional inspect your RV’s electrical setup.

7. Falling cabinet doors


RV cabinets keep your belongings secure, but it can be quite annoying if their doors start falling off. This poor RV construction problem usually results from loose hinges or worn-out screws.

Tighten or replace those hinges if needed, and your cabinets will be as good as new ones. If your RV isn’t covered by warranty, you may want to consider replacing the cabinet doors.

8. Ventilation problems


If you notice poor airflow or strange odors – it might be time to check your ventilation system. Clean or replace air filters. And, make sure all vents are free from obstructions.

To prevent more ventilation problems, as well as the development of molds due to moisture, open your windows when the sun is bright.


Owning a Braxton Creek RV may be an excellent opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and make beautiful memories with your family. But like any vehicle, these RVs may encounter several typical issues that jeopardize your trip plans.

While some Braxton Creek RV problems may be covered by your warranty, you still have to be proactive and care for your RV to avoid unwanted difficulties when traveling.

So, pack your belongings, hit the road, and be certain that you’ll overcome any obstacles! Have a great time camping!

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