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habitation check equipment

We often have visitors to our workshop who either have never heard of a Habitation Service or haven't had one in years so we thought it would be interesting to canvas visitors to our online site for when they had a hab service.

When was the last time you had your motorhome habitation checked ?

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avtex snipe pro

We fitted our first Avtex Snipe Pro yesterday alongside a 140w solar panel coupled to a votronic MPP250 MPPT regulator and associated Votronic 1250 Solar Monitor Panel and just wanted to let our readership know our thoughts on this new piece of kit.
The Snipe Pro feels like a substantial system, by feel I mean it has a hefty engineered weight to it and seems nicely constructed.
Fitting was a breeze with the supplied instructions
The system performs admirably, locking on quickly and easily.
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oyster removed

We often have customers who have old none working satellite systems on their roofs who are wanting to upgrade to something new / operational.

This is possible and if done correctly has no issues. Firstly you unscrew / unbolt the main system. You then carefully try and separate the sealant holding the waterproof gland and mounting plate for the satellite system away from the roof, this is done using a mixture of hard work, sealant remover, modified wallpaper removal tool, cheese wire etc (You choose the weapon of choice !)
Once the bulk is removed then get to work with elbow grease and clean off the area using solvent cleaner (We use IPA) and then finally you are ready to install afresh.

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newsletter signup

For those who aren’t yet subscribing to our email newsletter this months can also be viewed online here:-

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motorhome trained

We finally got around to mounting some of our certifications & accreditations on the wall this morning.

HNC Engineering
Truma Trained
Alde Trained
City & Guilds
ACoPs Gas Competent
Teleco Trained
Telair Trained
BPW Chassis Trained
Dometic Trained
If you intend to have someone work on your pride and joy, check to Continue reading

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kvh rv1 satellite dome

We are now selling the brand new RV1 Satellite Dome from KVH.

This very neat and compact dome is in motion capable so allows watching TV whilst on the move (if not in tunnels and with clear line of sight to the satellite)
Its ultra compact size will allow us to install on vans where Continue reading