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Here at Outdoorbits we here the same queries from customers on the same products and in an attempt to improve our website and create a wholly unique and easy to use system we have over the last few months added in filtering to Continue reading

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motorhome bling

Organising some photos I have of vans that have been in our workshop and had completely forgotten about this beaut !

Some people add bling to vans, whether it be  Continue reading

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nec motorhome show 2014

World’s first electric campervan conversion to be unveiled at the Motorhome & Caravan Show 2014

  • Based on the new Nissan e-NV200 electric van
  • First commercially available vehicle of its kind
  • Converted by British experts Hillside Leisure
  • See it for the first time at the UK’s national, new product show


This year’s Motorhome & Continue reading

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WC Sink

A recent trip to a large campsite nearby and the inevitable emptying of toilet cassette trip. A similar story no doubt, however this WC Emptying point had a Continue reading

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acsi camping card 2015

acsi camping card 2015 bookOutdoorbits now have the ACSI 2015 guides available for Pre order on our shop here: ACSI Camping Card 2015 Guide Books

For the un-initiated the ACSI guide books (They come as a pack of two books with an ACSI Camping card included) are a collection of >2700 campsites throughout Europe which on production of the ACSI Discount Card give a discounted price dependant on the time of year. Some campsites also offer additional bonus nights i.e. 7 for 6 and similar deals.

All the listed ACSI campsites have been inspected and facilities are listed within the books.

ACSI also have downloadable collection of Points Of Interest (POIs) which can be imported into Sat Nav systems allowing easy access to the sites.


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mouse droppings in motorhome

Stripping a customers van back to do work and noted bits of what appeared to be chewed up packaging in the bottom of some lockers, didn’t think much of it as the owner had a Continue reading