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apps for motorhomes

Smartphones are here to stay and most customers in our workshop nowadays have a smartphone of sorts.
Alongside these are the tablets which lots of motorhomers have tucked away inside their vans.
We use a selection of smartphone apps to assist us in our role as fitters and many motorhome owners also have their favourite apps.

Our favourite Apple iPhone/iPad apps for motorhoming are as follows:- Continue reading

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dash cams

This seems to be a growing market with more and more enquiries about dash cams for motorhomes coming in,

so we have updated our dash cams category with what we consider the optimal systems currently available.

We have also added filters to our dash cams so you can easily filter relevant products.

What are Dash Cams

A dashcam (dashboard camera) is an onboard camera that usually attaches to the vehicle’s internal windscreen or dashboard.

Dashcams continuously record the road whilst the vehicle is in motion. Dashcams can be used to provide video evidence in an event of an accident.

Assorted dashcam are available on the market, ranging from basic video cameras, mobile phone apps. Go Pro cameras to dedicated specialised units which also records parameters such as date/time, speed, G-forces and location.

Benefits of a Dash Cam

Secures evidence and protects your No Claims Bonus in the event of no blame accidents
Some Dash cams may qualify you for discounts on your insurance policy
Dash Cam parking mode allows you to monitor your car whilst parked.
Dash cams can also protect against “Cash for Crash” schemes

Read more and Buy Dash Cams

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testing ir sender iphone 6

We have used this popular quick check of remote controls for years, but recently swapped to an iPhone 6 and suddenly it wouldn’t work/

After a bit of research, ok a LOT of research we realised that Apple removed the functionality for the rear lens to be able to detect IR beams a few models ago, however the front facing iSight camera lens normally the realm of the selfie is still able to pick up IR light.

So to check a remote control is transmitting simply point the remote control at the camera lens whilst you are on the Photo application and then press buttons on the remote control and you should see the small light beam of the IR Transmission on your mobile phone screen.

More in depth info on this page

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motorhome christmas gifts

Well it’s that time of year approaching, what gift can you buy for xmas for that special person in your life ?

If they are a motorhome / caravan owner then we have the answer with our Motorhome Christmas Gifts section

With plenty of pressies available to suit all budgets it’s one small thing towards Christmas bliss !

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burnt out motorhome wiring

We had a customer in last week, he wanted us to run a new 12v supply to his television as his old one was “burnt out”.

When the van arrived this is what we removed:-

burnt out motorhome wiring

His mate, who was apparently an electrician had wired it into the light fitting for him using really thin cable, the cable was then taped to the ceiling, across and above the cupboards where on the end was a car cigarette lighter connector which looked like it had shorted out as no insulation on the connections at all.

The end result was the wire had burnt all along its entire length, customer very lucky they didn’t have a fire especially when the cable was hanging from ceiling !

The moral of this story is don’t trust a mate, get a professional in.


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In the workshop we have adopted a process that I took from my navy experience. On a ship losing a tool can mean much more than a simple inconvenience. Where it went becomes a huge issue if the system you are working on is a helicopter or a massive high power radar system with 1000s of Amps coursing through Continue reading