Guide to how to clean your Dometic gas burner

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To keep your Dometic refrigerator running smoothly and efficiently, you should clean the gas burner after prolonged exposure to gas, at least once a year. Contact your local NCC Approved Workshop to book in for a fridge service where the below procedure will be performed and the Flue Cleaned out. We are available on 0845 8698940. However if you are a technical person you may wish to tackle the job yourself using our handy guide to cleaning a dometic gas burner below (The process for Thetford fridges is very similar but with slightly different design of burner / jet and different external fridge vent covers)

When using an underslung LPG tank or refillable LPG cylinders, the service interval is reduced to twice or four times a year, depending on the level of contamination.

Contamination in the gas burner becomes noticeable with poor ignition process and sometimes soot is present at the Flue exit (Dark deposits on the outside of your Motorhome / Caravan on the top external fridge vent.)

Before servicing your Dometic fridge burner:

  • Close the gas manifold isolation valve to the refrigerator before cleaning the gas burner.
  • Allow the burner to cool down before cleaning it.
  • Do not modify any of the gas equipment. The gas burner can be cleaned without removing the gas equipment.

1 – Remove the External fridge ventilation grill by pressing the catches shown in Picture A below up or if you have the Circular fixing then these unscrew.


2 – Remove the plastic condensation container and the screw that holds the burner cover in place.

Remove the burner cover by pressing the catch below inwards, and pulling it off gently outwards.


3 – Clean the burner pipe of using a suitable cleaning brush with soft bristles (these can be bought online as flue cleaning brushes)


4 – Blow out the burner pipe with compressed air either from an airline or from a compressed air can through the slots in the burner pipe


5 – 

  • Refit the burner cover. The burner cover is fixed in place when you hear it click into place.
  • Screw the burner cover back on
  • Refit the condensation container
  • Refit the external fridge ventilation grill

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