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As the joy and warm sun of Summer fade and we descend into Autumnal weather then so does the temperature drop and even more so as we hit full on Winter. If you use your Motorhome or Caravan all year around then you may have noticed that your fridge doesn’t perform as well as it used to. This phenomenon doesn’t seem logical in that during the Winter your fridge doesn’t work as well but it’s due to the chemical reactions within the back of a Absorption fridge.

If the ambient temperature outside drops below 8°c then an absorption fridge struggles with cooling as the cold air outside stops the heat exchange in the fridge from happening efficiently.

If you are going to use your vehicle all year around or indeed in cooler winter temperatures then you need a fridge vent cover, not only will it assist in keeping the back of the fridge warmer and allow it to operate but it has the added benefit of keeping your Motorhome/Caravan free of bugs.

If your fridge vents are left open during storage then the vents can allow all sorts of wildlife in such as insects, spiders etc.

Having fridge vent covers can also protect your vehicle from damp and water ingress. The covers help prevent rain and moisture from outside finding its way into your vehicle through the vents but also allows the required amount of ventilation needed, helping to prevent water build up and damp issues.

If you are going to wash the outside of your vehicle then fitting fridge vent covers also prevents water ingress.

By fitting a fridge vent cover when it is cold, it allows dangerous fumes from the combustion process such as Carbon Monoxide to escape but also stops the heat exchangr process from being too cold to function correctly.

Which Fridge Winter Vent Cover do I need ?

The type of cover you need will depend on what manufacturer model fridge you have in your Motorhome or Caravan. We supply both Dometic Winter Fridge Vents  and covers or Thetford fridge Winter Vents and covers.

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