Are my LPG Hose and Regulator in Date ?

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lpg regulator expiry dates

When a habitation check is carried out both the LPG Hoses and LPG Regulator are checked and inspected for damage but also for their date of manufacture.

An LPG Regulator in a Motorhome or Caravan has a lifetime expiry set of 10 years and a Rubber LPG Hose is 5 years.

Stainless Steel hoses are designed to last 20 years, however they do have differing lifespans dependent on the use, i.e. a Filler hose will last 10 years less than the same hose employed as a Pigtail hose (Pigtail hoses are the ones that are used between the bottle and the regulator / changeover valves) This is usually labelled on the hose itself with their expiry dates.

An LPG Regulator will have either month and year of manufacture or in most instances just the year usually in 2 digit format i.e. YY whereas hoses usually have month and year i.e. MM/YY

Regulators have a whole host of different identification methods for date stamps from embossed digits in the actual body of the regulator itself or sometimes as a number on the sticker on the regulator and a suitably obtuse method of having a sundial-esque icon with two digits in the middle signifying the year of manufacturer and an arrow pointing to the month number which are around the edge of the clock face.

Due to the location of installation you may need to use some innovative methods to be able to see the dates such as using your phone camera to take photos to zoom into or the use of a inspection mirror to see behind the reverse of a regulator.

It is worth ensuring your regulator and hoses are in date not only from a safety perspective but also if the regulator fails it will prevent gas passing through into your Motorhome or Caravan and in turn ruin your holiday as you would have no heating or hot water (If yours are supplied by LPG)

See some example photos of different methods below


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