Why you should switch to LED Lighting !

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We have a Burstner 748 in for habitation checks and other rectification work and one facet of this raised an interesting stat and one I thought I would share with our readers.

We setup a DC Clamp meter on the leisure batteries to monitor the amps being consumed by the van and the figures from this directly correlated with the Burstner built in control panel which displays current draw digitally.

We then turned on the miscellaneous lighting throughout the van, granted there are quite a few lights, and more importantly all are Halogen.

Its common knowledge that Halogen are more energy intensive than their led counterparts but this demonstrates just how thirsty they really are.

By switching on all the internal lighting in the van we registered an incredibly -24 amps being pulled from the batteries.

To give this some context, the van has 2 X 100A batteries and with common practice not to discharge batteries below 50% if possible then that leaves us with 100 Amps of usable power.

So with all the internal lights on, the batteries on this van if brand new, fully charged would only be able to supply us with just over 4 hours of lighting before dipping below 50% of charge !

You can tell which lights in your van are halogen by turning on the light and holding your hand close and if you can feel heat then it is a halogen light and that heat you feel is wasted energy.

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